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Units of the Syrian Arab Army have eliminated several foreign-backed groups of extremists and religious fanatics near the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to some sources like Suria TV and contacts in the capital of Syria, these foreign-backed terrorist groups were liquidated by the Syrian Arab Army in the region between the two Syrian towns of Yabrud and Nabak.

Both Syrian towns are located about 55 kilometres away from Damascus and it is still the situation that some armed wings of the Islamist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are still active in the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus.



It happened again that two foreign-backed groups of militants and Islamists have started to fight each other in Syria. This time, the battle between two of these armed gangs of militants has taken place in the Syrian city of Homs.

According to news reports, the two Western-backed militants groups in the district of the Syrian city of Homs have fought over the spoils of the fighting against the Syrian Arab army, which is nothing new.

In recent months, there were already several reports that some of these militant groups, which are summarized under the term “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) by the media, clashed against each other because of their different goals and interests but also because of the spoils and the power interest of the so-called leaders of the different militant groups.


Qadri Jamil, the leader of a delegation of the internal Syrian opposition and also the representative of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation told that the internal Syrian opposition is ready for a dialogue with the Syrian government and that the opposition in Syria does not stipulate President Bashar al-Assad’s stepping down as a pre-condition.

The representative of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation in Syria, Qadri Jamil, told this to Itar-Tass on Thursday when he arrived in the Russian capital Moscow by air. Of course, the internal Syrian opposition was already ready for a dialogue with the Syrian government and that Qadri Jamil is the Syrian Deputy Prime Minister since some time should at least display this readiness for dialogue with the internal Syrian opposition by the Syrian leadership.

However, it is also clear that the Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil represents not only the Popular Front for Change and Liberation in Syria and a delegation of the internal Syrian opposition, but Mr Jamil also represents the same stances of the Syrian government in some important points.


Some friends went to Syria with me in April, 2011. It was nothing special because we always traveled to Syria since years, some even travelled to Syria since about 20 years and not only to the tourist places like Damascus, Aleppo and the Syrian coast town Latakia, but also traveling through the whole regions of this country in the Middle East.

We have spent about 2 weeks in Syria and traveled through the country, which means, that we not only stayed in the capital Damascus, but also visited e.g. Aleppo. Of course, we were fully aware of the fact that there are some protests of people in some regions, which was first a surprise that this also happens in Syria, because of some reasons like the fact that the food in Syria was, in contrast to Egypt, always at a level the people could afford; at least, bread and other essential foods. For example a lot of Egyptians are not able to understand why there is any kind of a “revolution” in Syria after telling them the income and prices in Syria.

While we stayed in Syria, we realized that the television channel Al-Jazeera made a hot-spot out of Syria and thus, the “uprising” within Syria became the main event on this Gulf channel. One day we walked through the city of Aleppo and a friend called us. He told us that we better stay away from a main place in Aleppo, because the Qatari television channel Al-Jazeera is broadcasting from this place right now. He said, there is a demonstration against the Syrian regime/government and that we better stay away from this place because it doesn`t look like this protest stays peaceful.


Kofi Annan was asked by the United Nations (UN and Arab League (AL) to work out a peace plan for Syria. Kofi Annan adds to his series of failed attempts at mediation (and that was already the case in Yugoslavia, which should not be forgotten) with a further failed attempt at mediation, and reinforces his reputation by this failed attempt in Syria – if you want to fuck up something, just call Kofi Annan.

The plan by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, that had included six primary points to end the armed conflict in Syria, was torpedoed from the beginning. The Syrian government in Damascus stressed several times that they are interested to implement the points of this so-called peace plan for Syria.

On the other side, much more forces tried to destroy this plan from the first minute, because this plan was not really helpful to achieve the aims of the armed militias and for the useful creation, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul. Both are useful tools for the operators in the background.

The ceasefire, which was envisaged in the six-point plan, could not be implemented due to the attacks of the Syrian army, as everybody is able to read this in the mainstream media of the NATO countries, of course.


The conference of over 200 Syrian more or less opposition figures in the Egyptian capital showed clearly how deeply divided and disunited these people are.

On Monday and Tuesday, these so-called representatives have met in Cairo to debate the future of Syria and above all to find common positions, but again, this meeting became a farce and has made clear, that there are mainly struggles of power and the most not only do not care about the Syrian population and their wishes, but also ignore the majority in Syria.

Some would not name it as democratically, but one should have in mind, that it is hard to demand a democratic sense and mind, when the most are only interested in the power struggle or are radical minds, which are mistakenly sold as a serious and a legitimated Syrian opposition in the West.


At the beginning of May, 2012, two reporters from USA Today were in the Syrian capital Damascus, in order to gain a picture of the situation in Syria. Towards these two reporters of USA Today, the Christian Hani Sarhan has testified the slogan that could be already heard at the beginning of the uprising within the demonstrations:

“Christians to Beirut, Alawites in the grave!”

He and his relatives are not working for the Syrian government and have nothing else to do with Syrian authorities. After they have learned about this awful slogan within the demonstrations, both began to reflect the real aims of the revolt in Syria.

The Christian Hani Sarhan said that he is afraid for his life and the life of his family and therefore supports the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


ANNA-News conducted an interview with Dr. Qadri Jamil (Arabic: قدري جميل), the leader of an alliance of the Syrian opposition. Dr. Qadri Jamil, who is often written as Kadri Jamel, is a Syrian politican, economist and also the leader of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation in Syria.

It is a part of the “internal opposition” in Syria, which is much more to prefer than the dubious external opposition, e.g. the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) with its Islamist background and its support by the West, Israel and Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

If the West would be interested in reform processes and “democracy” in Syria and if the West would think these things are more important than other questionable goals and dubious intentions, Qadri Jamil (Kadri Jamel / قدري جميل) would certainly be a more suitable partner than the Islamists council, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) abroad or the armed wing, the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which spreads terror and chaos in Syria.

The following is the (slightly abridged) text of the interview, including the interview as a (Russian speaking) video review of ANNA-News.


The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has said that any attempt of a regime change in Syria could lead into a disaster for the entire region.

“Russia and China are decisively against attempts to regulate the Syrian crisis with outside military intervention, as well as imposing… a policy of regime change,” a joint statement said.

Speaking in the Chinese capital, Lavrov urged the international community to resist calls from the exiled opposition to help oust Assad’s regime. Opposition groups “outside Syria appeal to the world community more and more to bomb the Assad regime, to change this regime. This is very risky; I would even say it is a way that will bring the region to catastrophe.”

Lavrov hit out at the rebel Free Syrian Army’s announcement it was no longer bound by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s six-point peace plan, and proposed a high-level conference with the participation of Iran among other powers.



Author: U. Gellermann

It’s all quite simple: In Syria, there is a dictator, who is evil. An Opposition, which is good, fights against the dictator.

So, the good West must help the good ones in Syria to overthrow the evil dictator. At least that’s what the newspapers, it flickers across the screen. That it then, after a massacre of over 100 people in the village of al-Houla (al-Hula), comes to the expulsion of the Syrian Ambassadors from Germany, the USA, and France, seems only logical for the German media.

Because guilty for the massacre, there is no doubt for the mainstream media about it, is only the Assad system.