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al-Mayadin, The abyssal fortress that has long been bragged about by the ISIS terrorist organization has fallen.

The following report by RT Arabic: The last Syrian bullet into ISIS coffin was laid in the city of al-Mayadin. The Syrian Forces led by the operations commander Brigadier Suhail al-Hassan aka The Tiger achieved a record-breaking in fighting ISIS’s largest gatherings… Continue reading: SAA Liberates ISIS ‘Capital’ al-Mayadin – Cleans Hatla | Syria News


The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meets again today. Of course, they still discuss how to be able to finally push through a resolution on Syria. The intentions of some Western and Arab countries are quite clear. Despite the objective and good Russian draft resolution, they are not able to accept, that both sides in Syria are to condemn.

The West and Arab countries also want to prevent that a resolution calls on the opposition forces to lay down their weapons and to stop all acts of sabotage and terrorism in Syria. It seems that way, but it does not look very democratic.

The draft resolution of Morocco, based on the new so-called Arab League (AL) “peace plan” for Syria, was still one-sided and its content missed some important facts about the real situation in Syria. This Moroccan draft resolution on Syria recalls us to the time just before the implementation of a horrible “No-Fly Zone” over Libya. The NATO war in Libya was (and is still) an act against civilians and against international law.


The Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria ends in about a week and it seems as this mission to Syria was just another farce in the international game of foreign policies. Even if the voices get louder that this Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria had failed, this mission will not be aborted. This was made clear by al-Arabi several times now.

The members of the Arab League are very different in their viewing of the situation within Syria. While Algeria, Egypt and Iraq also say that the Syrian government does not implement the so-called “Arab League peace plan” completely, they also say that the Syrian government has to fight against armed terrorists.

Kuwait meanwhile has become the sharpest critic of the Syrian government. What a false play. Kuwait? Really? Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house.