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Mr Ulrich Tilgner is a German journalist and foreign correspondent. He became famous as war correspondent in Baghdad. Mr Tilgner has left the German State television station ZDF by his own admission because of his dissatisfaction with the working conditions like the interference in the freedom of press and the constantly considerations about alliances. He has also criticized, that there is a lack of independence and a propensity to “embedded journalism” in the German State television agency ZDF.

The following text is an English translation of a recent interview with Mr Ulrich Tilgner about the problems of journalism nowadays and the new type of warfare. He also states that the civil war in Syria was not triggered by a democratic uprising, but that the violence and chaos in Syria was triggered by the West and some Gulf States.



ANNA-News has another correspondent in Syria since a few weeks: Vyacheslav Nemyschew.

Besides the fact that he is, more likely as the “mastermind”, Prof. Marat Musin, good for the role as crowd favorite, he runs just as well through the hedges at the front line and throws himself with the Syrian soldiers in the ditches.

Here is a short documentary that was made by him; this documentary was filmed a few days ago in the area of Harasta, northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus.

(The video report by ANNA-News correspondent Vyacheslav Nemyschew from Harasta, near Damascus, is embedded below in this article.)


Yesterday, we have reported about the murder of the Syrian journalists and the parallels to the war of NATO in Libya. How are now the reactions of the “international community journalists”, when people, real colleagues, were blown in a Syrian television station to pieces?

The reactions of those journalists, who report so outraged, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would allegedly “bombarded his own people”?


The EU is silent about the dead journalists and about the attack on the media. The EU foreign ministers have announced, by your leave, this moronic sentence:

“As long as the violence continues, the EU will continue to impose sanctions against the regime”, said the EU foreign policy-representative Catherine Ashton.


The newspapers are silent. The “human rights activists” stay silent. The German Foreign Minister is silent.


The state media stay silent, also the yellow press, and the press of the big business say nothing. Also the association of writers, the German Association of Journalists, stays silent and says nothing. However, this association had demanded the following in a letter in February 2011 from the Arab States:

“Prevent attacks – no matter if it is committed by a party or group – against correspondents. The government of your country is responsible for the safety of the journalists. Fulfill this responsibility!”

The DJV letter was sent to the ambassadors of Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait, and Oman.

(Information: The German Journalists Association (DJV) – Union of Journalists is the largest organization of journalists in Europe, with headquarters in Berlin. It has about 38,000 members. National chairman since 2003 is the journalist Michael Konken, Ulrike Kaiser is the deputy national chairman since 2007. Federal Executive is the lawyer Kajo Dohring. From 1989 to 1998, Hermann Meyn was chairman of this German Journalists Association (DJV). The German Journalists Association (DJV) is a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).)

One gets the impression that freedom and human rights only applies to the journalists from the West and not for the Arabic journalists, which are killed by the West or its hangers-on.

Nevertheless, they are annoyed, quite rightly, by the call for murder by Islamists (Salafists) against German journalists. But why the murdered Syrian counterparts are not worth a word, let alone protest, is hard to understand, this might be only explained with political adaptation.


Syrian journalists and the government are outraged. The Syrian journalists of Al-Ikhbariya said that this massacre of their colleagues will not keep them away from reporting of the truth about the events within Syria.

Syrian Information Minister al-Zoubi:

The massacre on journalists and against a free TV channel is a direct application of the decision of the Council of the Arab League, in order to stop the programs of the Syrian TV by force.

The last sanctions against Syria by the EU from Tuesday were immediately implemented at the expense of journalists and civilians.

The EU/UN Security Council, the UN observers, the UN Secretary-General of the UN Human Rights Council, the Secretary General of the Arab League, and the foreign minister, are partners in this crime and they should take responsibility.

The director of the al-Ikhbariya (al-Ekhbariya) TV channel, Imad Sarah said that the massacre was an attack on the entire national media and an attack against another opinion.

The National Media Council of Syria condemned this violence in all forms.  It also denounced the sanctions of the EU countries against the Syrian Television and said that they finalize them by cowardly acts against the Syrian media.

Blameful are the double standards of German journalists, colleagues.


War in the country and in the ether

The hot war is always prepared with a war against the heads. Also the war against Iran and Syria.

On June 2, the Arab League has closed Arabsat and Nilesat satellites for the Syrian state television, in order that the NATO propaganda of the Qatari ruler channel Al Jazeera and also Al Arabiya are not exposed by the facts of the Syrian side.

War against Journalists

Yesterday morning on 27 June 2012, the Syrian TV station al-Ikhbaryia was attacked.


Whenever one is not able to prove that the Syrian army and security forces are behind anything, then a new straw man is needed, on which you – including an organized existence – also can prove nothing on, but where one is able to spin convenient legends around this straw man.

Syria: Shabiha in the background

The BBC broadcasts the next new story about atrocities of the Assad regime, which is (allegedly) obsessively killing off the people who are entrusted to it by the hands of the mysterious and powerful Shabiha (Shabi7a/Schabiha).

In short – the “opposition” presents the world community the murder of 13 factory workers in the village of Al-Buwaida-ash-Scharkija (located between Al-Qusayr and Homs), these 13 factory workers were traveling in a bus, the Shabiha has stopped this bus is stopped and then has shot the 13 unlucky fellows, of course.


THE TRICKY thing about a one-party State is that even when it has a legitimate argument, it fumbles and fails to get it across. The moment it opens its mouth, the world erupts in understandable and reflexive incredulity. Many West Asian observers and independent journalists have been arguing that the rebels who have been trying to overthrow the Syrian government since last March are being financed by anti-Syrian regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar at the behest of the US. The rebellion, they say, is not an ‘Arab Spring’ or a popular uprising.

But if any Syrian government official attempts to put across the same argument, people roll their eyes. In a crisis people tend to believe independent civil groups rather than the government, but since Syria has been ruled by the Ba’ath Party for over 40 years there are few such groups. Consequently, during the current crisis when the western media appears to be waging a campaign against the Bashar al-Assad regime in much the same manner as it did against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, the Syrian regime stands alone, with no independent groups to vouch for the truth.


In 1996 came the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera on the Air. Since then, the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera had an incredibly successful development and blossomed into one of the most important sources, even by American and European news channels.

At least since the Qatari Al-Jazeera was always able to stream videos and audio materials of the allegedly dead terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, the reputation of the channel grew immeasurably. The Qatari news channel knew how to sell them, and has used their coverage of Palestine and the Israeli occupation forces to quickly gain importance and credibility in the Arab world.

One puts a-Jazeera likely on the same level as CNN or BBC, because Al-Jazeera seems to report relatively open about crisis regions. Of course, there is no news about negative headlines from Qatar at Al-Jazeera and too shocking reports about the Gulf region are also missing too often.


The European Union (EU) has adopted a new set of sanctions against Syria and most of European countries are indignant about the states which still support and assist the Syrian government.

Maybe we could also write these countries like Russia and China still support the huge majority of the Syrian population against the warmonger-section of NATO, EU and USA. Considering the “No-Fly Zone” in Libya, a military intervention in Syria would be a horrible imagination and another war-crime of NATO.

In addition to Russia and China, which currently are probably facing a lot of hypocritically accusations of Western governments, among the friends of the Syrian people are currently also Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Of course, every government has its own intentions and goals, but it`s an important fact that Hillary Clinton is every time wrong when she, as AIPAC-darling, uses the phrase of “international community” on the topic Syria. It`s just another phrase for propaganda purposes.


Again, two embedded journalists were allegedly killed in Syria, another two from the West. Remi Ochlik, a photographer, and the Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin, who had also reported for CNN. Of course, CNN claimed, without any hesitation, that they had been killed by bombs of the Syrian government on Homs.

The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, a representative of the filthiest of them in the West, who is responsible for the illegal war against Libya and Syria, and also has a new hobby as Russia-basher, said also, that the photographer, Remi Ochlik, was killed by bombs.


A German Blogger published an impressive analysis of the German state TV “documentary” called “Secretly in Homs” and three other contributions about Syria by this official German TV channel. This Blogger also made an additional analysis of the 16 publications from CNN, which are directly or indirectly related to Syria and the questionable “documentary” by ARD.

The German public service broadcasting has not only huge offerings and services, but also an important essential social function. The German state TV channel ARD has the duty to provide an independent, sustainable and high quality supply to the whole population and to all different age groups in Germany.