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The list of lunatic US presidents just keeps growing.  It’s a bipartisan list too, so maybe there’s something in the White House ventilation system. George… Continue reading: The Lunatic US Presidents — and John McCain | Syria News


Foreign terror sponsor Senator John McCain is spreading his malignant seed, once again.  Within a short week, McQaeda McCain spent time at the Munich Security Conference.   He then solidified the axis of terror – Saudi-Turkish-McCain – in visits to Saudistan’s inbred King Salman, and Erdoganstan’s Muslim Brotherhood caliph- wannabe, Erdogan.

While McCain and Salman were meeting, German Press Agency interviewed Saudi FM Adel ‘’Voce Bianca” al Jubeir. Voce Bianca said that Saudistan was ready for a ground invasion against Syria.  He did not mention that Saudi terrorists have been on the ground in Syria since the beginning of the crisis, and that, as of 3 January 2014, twelve thousand Saudis had invaded the SAR.

Source: Foreign Terror Sponsor McCain Illegally in Syria, Again

The Russian premier Vladimir Putin spoke about John McCain and speculated that the known US senator McCain has been traumatized by his POW experiences and Putin also said, that the Libyan “rebels” did not worked alone when they killed Muammar Gaddafi about two months ago.

More and more people share the opinion that NATO countries and the United States used the image of the later killed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi as an excuse to seize the oil of this country. It is also clear that the US President Barack Obama persuade on the American people of the plan that the violence in Libya by its leader has to be stopped and that Muammar Gaddafi had to be overthrown.

While some say that Muammar Gaddafi should have been taken to trial for his crimes are others the opinion that the life under this known Libyan leader was better as the West and NATO sold it. It`s also clear that there was more behind this uprising of those rebels in Libya than the normal people know. Not to mention the grade of violence, terror and brutality of these favored rebels.