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As reported by German media, the Turkish newspaper “Radikal“, which belongs to the Dogan Group, has just published the information, citing military and intelligence, that Turkey will no longer say, after an analysis of the wreckage and the debris of the downed fighter jet, that this downed Turkish RF-4 Phantom fighter jet, which has crashed into Syrian waters, was hit by a missile.

The Turkish newspaper “Vatan” has reported previously, that the downed Turkish fighter jet was even equipped with a missile warning system.

The Turkish military and the Turkish intelligence service should therefore now assume that the Syrian claim, that the Phantom fighter jet was downed by an antiaircraft gun, is accurate.



The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News wrote on 26 June:

“There are currently two Russian ships and a Russian frigate was in Latakia harbor,” Masum Turker, leader of the Democratic Left Party (DSP) said today in an interview with TV8. “One of them, Admiral Chabanenko, has the technology to detect th e slightest action in the air.”

Masum Türker said that the Russian warship Admiral Chabanenko (Udaloy class destroyer) hit the Turkish jet that went down on June 22nd.


Yesterday, NATO held a Council meeting, which was demanded by Turkey. The intruder, Turkey, should persuade the NATO, that it was attacked by the Syrian Air defense.

Such an absurd claim by Turkey, that not even NATO wanted to expose oneself to ridicule. And thus, the NATO council meeting became a feigned meeting. Given the facts, hardly surprising.

But the anger and aggression behind the clown mask has a good reason. NATO was given on its paws. For example, Andrei Areschew (Andrej Areschew) reports detailed about the backgrounds.


The following video was shot on the beach near the coastal city of Latakia, just in the moment as the Turkish F-4 fighter jet was shot down. One can see people who are at the coast to go swimming.

Then one is able to hear the shots of anti-aircraft guns, which are located in the vicinity, and the noise of a jet fighter / fighter jet in the sky.

The people on the beach then point to the sea and start to cheer, as they could obviously see the crash of the fighter jet.


Somehow, modern wars probably have to start this way. Was really anyone seriously able to imagine in the year 1914, what could be the consequences of the assassination in Sarajevo? Probably not. One has to think about this when he looks at what is happening currently in the Syrian airspace.

It fits marvelously into the conflict situation. The Syrian opposition (at least the militant part of it) is doing everything possible to provoke a military intervention.

Some states demonstratively show their impatience, the Syrian government – largely isolated – responds defiantly. The public opinion gets targeted heated.


The Syrian command placed the government of Ottoman illusion before the hour of truth, after the Syrian air force deterred the Turkish combat jet which violated Syria’s airspace. Hence, the downing of the Turkish aircraft constituted a strong message to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has always been known for his threats to justify direct intervention in Syria. Firstly, the confusion was clear at the level of the Turkish reaction vis-à-vis the Syrian strong deterrence which drew a line of fire on the border, in parallel to the progress of the Syrian Arab army’s operations which aim at cleansing the border regions from the pits of armed and terrorist groups and at ending the smuggling of weapons and armed elements from Turkey.

Numerous journalistic reports revealed that the Turkish government was sponsoring networks smuggling arms and camps in which the armed men are being trained, especially following the New York Times report which pointed to the presence of officers from the CIA in the Turkish border regions, managing the operations in Syria and informing the armed terrorist gangs about the positions and movements of the Syrian Arab army via American satellite images. Moreover, according to Arab experts, the information is also being collected via reconnaissance operations carried out by Turkish fighter jets or American unmanned planes which the American newspapers have already revealed they were conducting flyovers on the Syrian border. That same report also assured that a CIA team was supervising the smuggling of weapons purchased by Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the Syrian armed gangs.

Secondly, a Turkish governmental source denied this report and Turkey’s involvement in the smuggling of weapons and armed men, thus using political hypocrisy when talking about the wish to end the violence witnessed in Syria. It was clear, based on the Turkish reaction to the downing of the plane that the hour of truth and the brink of the abyss engineered by the Syrian administration placed Erdogan in a critical position. Therefore, he had no other option but to accept the opening of the hot lines between the commands of the Syrian and Turkish armies under the headline of the search for the missing pilots, instead of using the incident as a pretext to trigger a war which Erdogan repeatedly said he was willing to launch, as opposed to the reports he received from the Turkish generals and the economic officials in his country, opposing involvement in any war with Syria.


The toxic “drone”, Hillary Clinton, boosts the atmosphere against Syria and Russia continuously further. With her usual arrogance, Hillary Clinton is currently playing the boss (queen it) against Syria and wants to call Syria to account.

What a sickening arrogance, as the world leading aggressor- and torture-state, to want to call someone to account, when this country has made an attacker harmless on its own territory.

Hillary Clinton is herself not too bad for any sleight of hand. First she has converted Russian type helicopters into attack helicopters which will allegedly be used against civilians and has boosted this false story; and now, the Turkish perpetrator is in the eyes of Hillary Clinton just the poor victim.


The mass media of the NATO countries spread distorted reports in the public about the shot down Turkish fighter jet F-4 Phantom which was downed by Syrian air defenses on Friday. The distortion of the facts takes place in a manner that is likely to produce more anti-Syrian war-sentiment in the Western population of NATO countries.

Like many events that have to do with Syria, there are two different stories about the shot down Turkish fighter jet. The story of the Syrian news agency SANA (state media), that was published in the night from Friday to Saturday, is the following:


After the downing of the Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter jet in Syrian airspace, Turkey has now invoked NATO and asked for a meeting, just like it was to expect by the hypocritical Turkish leadership. On Tuesday, all the NATO representatives will come together and they will discuss the possible courses of action.

Whether the incident on Friday will be used by Turkey to boost the occasion to a war against Syria, or at least want to take steps for setbacks against the neighbor, is yet uncertain. Only certain is that the Turkish media and leadership act similar like the U.S. propaganda or Western media, that means, they are turning facts upside down, forget about important information and indications, and even seem to mask that the Turkish units searched for the downed F-4 jet fighter and the pilots near the Syrian coast.

In the current political utterances there is indication, that the downing of the old Turkish jet fighter could be used as an opportunity for an open aggression against Syria. The downing of the Turkish fighter jets took place at a very inconvenient time.


The incident between Turkey and Syria on (downed Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter) Friday is as usual a huge topic of the political landscape, especially those of the West and the NATO countries.

The fact is that Syria has downed a Turkish fighter jet (or rather military jet interceptor fighter) of the mark McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II off the coast of the Syrian province of Latakia, in order to protect its airspace and to defend its sovereignty.

As explained by the Syrian side, the “aerial target” could not be clearly identified, and one will not wait a long time in the current situation in order to act. If a Syrian jet fighter would have violated the Turkish airspace, the Turkish Air defense would have acted the same way in the current situation.

The Turkish side has made very vague wording about the incident until now. The new statements that the Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter was in international airspace when it was downed by the Syrian Air defense must be a lie, because the Turkish side has searched the pilots and the downed machine in front of the Syrian coast; witnesses and locals have testified it. And in addition, as already stated, the amateur video of the downed Turkish F-4 Phantom seems to confirm that.