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One thing that always moves me to express my opinion about it is when I see hypocrisy and double standards when things are measured with a double standard. This time it is about a question that I want to ask my Muslim readers.

Why there are many protests worldwide over cartoons and films, which are seen as an attack on the faith, but we hear not even a peep from you about the fact that the Saudi royal family is destroying the holiest places of Islam? Is this no attack on the faith?

The ruling sect of Wahhabis demolishes historic buildings in Mecca and Medina, and there is no protest. Such as the birth house of Mohammed, there is a library now. Added to this is that the Wahhabis are those who fund the Islamic extremists of the Salafists that are pushing the entire Islam in a bad light with their bloodthirsty terrorism.



The 80 actors and technicians of the controversial film “Innocence of Muslims” say that they were deceived to work for this anti-Muslim piece of movie, which has led to protests and riots in Libya and Egypt (Morocco and Yemen, too).

“Innocence of Muslims”-Producer Sam Bacile has filmed a completely different movie with them and the title of the message and the voice recordings were later changed completely. That`s what the actors of this strange movie have published now.

The actors of “Innocence of Muslims” (or Desert Warrior as it was called before) have released the following statement:


Saudi Arabia has particularly excelled, in addition to Qatar in the Arab League, when it was about actions to against the Shiite leadership in Syria. Again and again, there were rumors or unconfirmed information that Saudi Arabia supports the Syrian insurgents (e.g. Free Syrian Army / FSA) with arms and money.

It would be absolutely no surprise, if all these not confirmed news about the support of Saudi Arabia for the Syrian opposition forces be confirmed. You just have to recall, that Saudi troops were and are used in Bahrain to crackdown peaceful protests. In Bahrain, the royal family is in distress through demonstrations and the demands of the predominantly Shiite majority.


Saudi Arabia, the oil power in the Gulf, which the West wants to have as an ally and tries rather to ingratiate than to criticize, has to struggle with the gap between traditions and modernity more and more.

Especially the young people of Saudi Arabia strive for more freedom and the limiting of religious prohibitions, which are set and monitored by the religious scholars and the Conservatives within Saudi Arabia.

The West is happy about the oil supplies of the monarchy as well as about the new orders in the millions, but whether the country will really remain quiet for a long time, or rather, whether the Saudi population will stay quiet, is questionable.


The new social network “SalamWorld” will already launch in February. “SalamWorld” is advertised to be a social network website which is in line with the religious values of Muslims worldwide and so it complies with the rules of faith for Muslims.

Maybe one could call it the “halal version” of Facebook. Of course, there is a business behind and a lot of Muslims worldwide are already registered at social networks as Facebook. But perhaps such a social network which is in line with the morally attitudes of Islam could be a good idea.

One of the managers of the social network “SalamWorld”, which is responsible for the Russian-language edition of “SalamWorld”, told the “Voice of Russia”, that “there are about 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, but there is still no global social network for them”. We doubt that this statement is totally correct, because (even) the most Muslims use e.g. Facebook without hesitation, but it could be indeed a nice idea (also for the business side) to crest a social network for Muslims worldwide.


For the past 22 years of my life I’ve tried hard to prove that Arabs are not stupid and emotional, at least not as we see them on the movies. The last 8 months however, have proved me wrong. We, the Arabs, are very sensual, emotional, and that makes us sometimes also stupid to say it finally. We have always been so easily manipulated, used, fooled and were the puppets for other interests and nations.

Islam and Arabs are inseparable, and while watching non-Arab Muslims, mainly newly converted Muslims, have always been a contemptible sight and proved that Islam is so appealing and tempting, Arabs and other Middle Eastern Muslims have mostly been a despicable sight.

I say that as one of them, both an Arab and a Muslim. It’s not that I hate the religion and the principles which for me seem to be the most just and divine of them all. But it’s the disgusting sight of illiterate or ill-educated mobs and masses who obey whatever someone on the Tube says.