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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned of a “Re-Sovietisation” of the countries of the former Soviet Union at the last meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OEZE) in Dublin 6 December.

She means with her statement that Moscow tries to regain the control over the former Soviet republics by the “use” of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Union. She expressed that the United States will try to slow down the process or to eliminate it.

The Russian President Putin rejected the accusations and responded with the answer, that this would be nonsense. He explained that the common language, the similar mind-set and the existing connections to transport routes and energy infrastructure would be factors that make an economic integration a natural result.

Furthermore, he described the European Union as an integration project that restricts the sovereignty of its member countries much more than the USSR (Union of Socialist Soviet Republics) ever did.



According to a new report, which was published by the website McCLATCHY, it seems that the terrorists and militants who are fighting in Syria against the Syrian Arab army have received training in Jordan.

The report by McCLATCHY (source below) says that the armed Syrian militants have received training to use light, medium and heavy weapons and that the training was performed with the help of the US and British governments.

The report, which was published by the known website McCLATCHY, cites some militants in order to reveal that the training with the help of the UK and US governments took place since a longer time and that over hundreds of militants and radicals were trained in Jordan in order to fight in Syria.


The Syrian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources reported in 2010 that there is evidence for large amounts of oil shale in the region of Khanasser in the district of the Syrian city of Aleppo, amounting to about 37 billion tons, with a thickness of up to 240 meters, and that the oil therein would be of a very high quality and low sulphur content.

Is this one of the real reasons for the war of aggression by the West against Syria? Must the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad therefore be overthrown in order to clear the way for the Western oil companies?

The relevant Syrian minister Sufian Allaw said during a tour throughout this area in the southeast of the Syrian city of Aleppo, that the rocks with the embedded oil extend over an area of 150 square kilometres at first glance and could be even be enlarged.


The greatest obstacle to the transformation of the Arab world to American-Turkish ideas is likely that the CSTO / SCO / BRICS axis, in terms of politics, also SCO membership aspirants like Iran can be counted among them, is as a geopolitical rival of NATO / EU / G7 much stronger than it was the Eastern bloc in 1989.

In 1989 and in subsequent years, the NATO/EU/G7-Axis has fully dominated the world in virtually every regard, for example economically, media, technological, and also militarily it was hardly more than the strategic nuclear weapons of the Soviet bloc belonging competitors of the NATO/EU/G7-Axis, which has the NATO/EU/G7-Axis deterred from the attempt of a complete military conquest of their power centres of Moscow and Beijing.

In 2011, the situation was quite different. Although the NATO/EU/G7-Axis still has wide over 50% of global military spending as well as over 50% of global GDP, but the trend has been declining for years. Meanwhile, the states of the CSTO / SCO / BRICS axis are technological in almost every area on the amount of time and even have more than 50% of the global economic growth. The by far largest share of this has China.


Following is the translation of a German Blog post about the information by a Russian journalist who is currently in Turkey in order to collect information and reports about the machinations of the Turkish government which is led by Erdogan.

The Russian journalist was already able to speak with some interesting people who have an insight in the developments between Turkey and Syria, but also in the machinations of both sides. The conclusion of this Russian journalist is sad and horrible.

A real war between Turkey and Syria seems to be imminent, because the Erdogan leadership is totally interested in and the Syrian side knows that all possible actions are worthless to prevent it in the end. The next war crimes by NATO member states and allies are imminent and the main stream media and so-called journalists in Western and Gulf States are also responsible for the crimes that happened and the crimes and violence that will happen.

The Syrian city of Aleppo is hard-fought since many days and weeks. The historic market went up in flames and in the recent days, there were some horrible bomb attacks carried out by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA); a part of them have already taken responsibility for these bombings.

For people who know the economic center of Syria, the city of Aleppo, the latest images and information gave the impressions that the whole, once beautiful town, is getting completely destroyed by these bomb attacks, the terrorism, and the urban warfare in some districts of this famous Syrian city.

But the inhumane handling of such high cultural and historic goods is just one tragic aspect of the so-called “revolution” in Syria. Every day, people are dying. People die because neighboring states open their gates for armed radicals, mercenaries and fighters, who march into Syria in order to destabilize the situation.


The anti-Syrian war alliance of U.S., EU, Turkey and the Arab League, which calls itself even the so-called “Friends of Syria”, a clear mockery, still tries to undertake all possible efforts to thwart an internal Syrian peaceful settlement. Led by the U.S. administration, which make no secret of it anymore, that they share all costs of the so-called armed rebellion with the Saudi regime in the Levant.

At a meeting of the alleged so-called “Friends of the Syrian people”, the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has again announced to an increase in financial assistance to the armed opposition to an additional 45 million dollars, which will be recorded as “humanitarian aid”, although that is truly a wrong name for this blood money, and above all, a mockery.

The public has long been accustomed that these imperialist wars get palmed as humanitarian aid. The recent history is full of these imperialist wars that were sold to the public as humanitarian aid and/or a war against terrorism.


The Syrian Arab Army has discovered another arms cache, which was hidden in a drainage canal in the Syrian capital Damascus, while the battles and the urban warfare in parts of the country between the Syrian Army and the Western-backed terrorists and religious fanatics continue.

The hidden arms cache was discovered in the Qaban area of the Syrian capital Damascus on Sunday. Among the discovered weapons, the Syrian Arab Army has also found rocket propelled grenades and also a mortar launcher.

As usually, the weapons are either hidden in tunnels like it was the situation in Qaban (Damascus), in empty flats and, sadly but true, the Western-backed armed groups of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) also converted mosques into bases and weapons depots. Of course, because of reasons.

As military sources have told, a number of these armed fighters and mercenaries were also killed during the fighting between the Syrian Arab Army and these Western-backed groups in this district of Damascus on Sunday.


This Russian video report about the events on ground in Syria is about a week old and is the report of a film crew of the Russian state television which has spent about 2 months in Syria and also in the “hot areas” where the fights between the Syrian Arab Army and the Western-backed terrorists and the armed religious fanatics, e.g. Islamists, have taken place.

The fights between the Syrian Arab Army and the armed insurgents, religious fanatics and Western-backed terrorist groups have been raging in Syria for a year and a half. An endless series of special operations, victories and retreats, a struggle between the Syrian security forces, the Syrian Arab Army and an armed opposition, that is supported by the West and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

This so-called struggle takes place both with weapons on the ground and on the TV screen, because the media is important to sell the propaganda that is wanted and useful about the situation within Syria to the consumers abroad. Mass media has always played a bad part in a lot of wars in recent years and the current situation isn`t different.


Kofi Annan was asked by the United Nations (UN and Arab League (AL) to work out a peace plan for Syria. Kofi Annan adds to his series of failed attempts at mediation (and that was already the case in Yugoslavia, which should not be forgotten) with a further failed attempt at mediation, and reinforces his reputation by this failed attempt in Syria – if you want to fuck up something, just call Kofi Annan.

The plan by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, that had included six primary points to end the armed conflict in Syria, was torpedoed from the beginning. The Syrian government in Damascus stressed several times that they are interested to implement the points of this so-called peace plan for Syria.

On the other side, much more forces tried to destroy this plan from the first minute, because this plan was not really helpful to achieve the aims of the armed militias and for the useful creation, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul. Both are useful tools for the operators in the background.

The ceasefire, which was envisaged in the six-point plan, could not be implemented due to the attacks of the Syrian army, as everybody is able to read this in the mainstream media of the NATO countries, of course.