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They want to gain in politics what they failed to gain by all ways of military and terror over the past 7 years in their ‘War of Terror’ against Syria. Syria shouldn’t fall for the objectives of the failed NATO aggression.

You will now be bombarded by all Western politicians and their media propagandists, aka mainstream media, also from Syria’s presumed allies, about the need for a political solution and the urge to return to peace talks and bring back ‘all parties’ to the… Continue reading: Syria Should Not Fall for the Objectives of the Failed Aggression


Kofi Annan was asked by the United Nations (UN and Arab League (AL) to work out a peace plan for Syria. Kofi Annan adds to his series of failed attempts at mediation (and that was already the case in Yugoslavia, which should not be forgotten) with a further failed attempt at mediation, and reinforces his reputation by this failed attempt in Syria – if you want to fuck up something, just call Kofi Annan.

The plan by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, that had included six primary points to end the armed conflict in Syria, was torpedoed from the beginning. The Syrian government in Damascus stressed several times that they are interested to implement the points of this so-called peace plan for Syria.

On the other side, much more forces tried to destroy this plan from the first minute, because this plan was not really helpful to achieve the aims of the armed militias and for the useful creation, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul. Both are useful tools for the operators in the background.

The ceasefire, which was envisaged in the six-point plan, could not be implemented due to the attacks of the Syrian army, as everybody is able to read this in the mainstream media of the NATO countries, of course.


The conference in Geneva about Syria ended with the development of vertices for a transitional government in Syria, which should include representatives of both government and opposition representatives, and should be based on mutual consents about it, although this is doomed to failure, considering the real aims of the armed opposition fighters and even the goals of the puppets of the “Syrian National Council”(SNC).

Both were never really interested in peaceful solutions for Syria and thus both never cared about the Syrian population. The Western-backed terrorist organization “Free Syrian Army”(FSA) and the Islamist puppets of the “Syrian National Council”(SNC) are just useful tools for dubious interests and questionable intentions; not to mention the huge level of violence both have willfully fueled in Syria.

It was also acknowledged due to Russia’s insistence that the Syrians in the country should determine about their future, and that a foreign (military) intervention is poison, that leads to absolutely nothing. When the transitional government for Syria has coalesced, they will draft a new constitution and prepare elections. In Geneva, it was reiterated again, that the violence has to end on all sides.


RIA Novosti reports, that representatives of the belligerent external opposition in Syria (this unwieldy term, in order to stay away from the quotation marks at the beginning) are soon be received on high level in Moscow.

Among the invited guests is the chief of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Abdulbaset Sieda, as well as the “well-known politicians and human rights activist Michael Kilo”.

Both of these figures do not live in Syria. From the latter, The Russian deputy foreign minister still had to explain this:

“Michael Kilo is currently at the meeting of the opposition in Cairo… …He lives in Paris and is a very influential politician.”


The next conference on Syria, in some media sold as a “breakthrough”, this time in Geneva, has produced a document that is a banal flop, a washout.

It is based on the initiative of Kofi Annan that was already mentioned here, also about the fact, that it was impossible to fulfill, and also why this initiative was impossible to get fulfill from the outset, based on completely objective reasons.

For this reason there is no need to discuss again why the conclusion of this conference will have no practical effect. There are only a few additions.


On Saturday (06/30/2012), the “new” Syrian contact group has debated for several hours about Syria, again without the participation of Syrians.

This Syrian “contact group” has debated in Geneva in order to submit a final document at the end, that likely does not pleases all participants, but that is nevertheless supported in its main elements and statements, more or less, by all the participating great powers, including Turkey, and by the present representatives of the Arab League (AL), which is no real surprise.

Of course, it is questionable, how intensively they will try to implement the agreed goals. By the end of the year, a way for a political transition in Syria should be implemented. How the participants have agreed in Geneva, an interim government for Syria should be created in the capital Damascus, and an unity government with parts of the government and the opposition. It was not clearly formulated which parts of the Syrian “opposition” should be involved in the “new” Syrian government.


Last Wednesday, gunmen in Damascus perpetrated an attack on the Syrian TV station al-Ikhbariya (al-Ekhbariya). Thereby, three journalists and four technicians were killed, the Syrian TV station, the office, was destroyed.

The assassination of the Syrian journalists and the attack on the Syrian TV channel has triggered outrage in Syria. But as mentioned here, the reaction (no reaction) of international media was not only a shame, but also a unique sign for the one-sided values in the West. Syrian journalists and the government condemned the attack quite rightly. But as mentioned, almost nothing was heard, nothing really reported in the NATO countries about the horrible attack on journalists in Syria.

While one still can remember the outcries in the world as foreign journalists became the victims of the situation, Western media not even took the time to mention the names of the murdered journalists, who were killed by the Western-backed radicals and religious fanatics.


The aggression against Syria has many faces. One of them is the hypocrisy. It is constantly spoken about human rights, the help for “civilians”, and of freedom, and these beautiful worlds were made into weapons against Syria.

To show how this support works in practice, the German Blogger urs1978 delivers a sickening example. The International Red Cross supplies the armed terrorists. An eyewitness in Syria reports the following:

“We are never safe from any nasty surprise. The day before yesterday, May 9,  I saw a convoy of the Red Cross at the checkpoint in front of our village. I know the policemen, I have a grandson, whom I accompanied to school and who always is happy to greet them.