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As reported by German media, the Turkish newspaper “Radikal“, which belongs to the Dogan Group, has just published the information, citing military and intelligence, that Turkey will no longer say, after an analysis of the wreckage and the debris of the downed fighter jet, that this downed Turkish RF-4 Phantom fighter jet, which has crashed into Syrian waters, was hit by a missile.

The Turkish newspaper “Vatan” has reported previously, that the downed Turkish fighter jet was even equipped with a missile warning system.

The Turkish military and the Turkish intelligence service should therefore now assume that the Syrian claim, that the Phantom fighter jet was downed by an antiaircraft gun, is accurate.



The next conference on Syria, in some media sold as a “breakthrough”, this time in Geneva, has produced a document that is a banal flop, a washout.

It is based on the initiative of Kofi Annan that was already mentioned here, also about the fact, that it was impossible to fulfill, and also why this initiative was impossible to get fulfill from the outset, based on completely objective reasons.

For this reason there is no need to discuss again why the conclusion of this conference will have no practical effect. There are only a few additions.


The Middle East expert Günter Meyer draws a reality of the conflict in Syria which differs from the Western media reports. He believes neither in a breakthrough in Geneva or a Turkish intervention in Syria.

This interview was published by the Swiss newspaper and as stated, the statements by the expert in affairs of the Middle East, Mr. Günter Meyer, truly differ from the coverage of the situation in Syria by Western media.

But to be honest, that is no real surprise, because some people, after all, rather stick with the truth than with the propaganda and American aims.

The statements of Mr. Meyer are reminiscent of the information from the German journalist Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer and some can also take it as given that the known Middle East expert, Peter Scholl-Latour, also shares this stance, which differs to the propaganda and one-sided reports in Western media.


The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News wrote on 26 June:

“There are currently two Russian ships and a Russian frigate was in Latakia harbor,” Masum Turker, leader of the Democratic Left Party (DSP) said today in an interview with TV8. “One of them, Admiral Chabanenko, has the technology to detect th e slightest action in the air.”

Masum Türker said that the Russian warship Admiral Chabanenko (Udaloy class destroyer) hit the Turkish jet that went down on June 22nd.


Statement by Sevim Dagdelen, Member of the German Left Party, concerning the preparations of war by Turkey.

Mrs. Dağdelen is a German politician of Turkish origin and a member of the Left Party in Germany. Mrs. Dagdelen (Dagdalen) is also a Member of the German Bundestag.

In 2012, Mrs. Dağdelen was also faced with the hypocritical criticism for the signing a controversial pamphlet, which has accused the United States with the preparation of the war against Syria and Iran.


Yesterday, NATO held a Council meeting, which was demanded by Turkey. The intruder, Turkey, should persuade the NATO, that it was attacked by the Syrian Air defense.

Such an absurd claim by Turkey, that not even NATO wanted to expose oneself to ridicule. And thus, the NATO council meeting became a feigned meeting. Given the facts, hardly surprising.

But the anger and aggression behind the clown mask has a good reason. NATO was given on its paws. For example, Andrei Areschew (Andrej Areschew) reports detailed about the backgrounds.