‘Syrian Civil War’: British Terrorists, US Troops, and Western Hostages!

Syrian Civil War, for more than 8.5 years the Western pundits paint the crisis in Syria as a civil war, really? See how it could be anything else except a civil war. A Civil War is ‘a war between citizens of the same country.’ Google’s Dictionary says. Wikipedia puts it like this: ‘A civil war, also known as an […]

Channel 4: Who Ya Gonna Believe, Us or Your Lying Eyes?

Channel 4 is running a series of anti-Syria propaganda pieces, hashtagged #InsideIdlib. This Syria News report will consist of an applied forensic analysis of the absurd White Helmets video this UK news station has included in its “exclusive” of 11 July. Contrary to headline, there is no footage of an “ambulance attack.” A battered vehicle likely from […]

After 17 Months Cover Up they Confessed Syria Shot Down the Israeli F16

It took Israel and its western mainstream propagandists 17 months to disclose what brought down the US-made F16 back in February 2018, it took us a couple of hours. How a good F16 looks like The difference between them and us, they are aggressors and criminals, in order to cover up their crimes they are […]

Algeria Expels Reuters Reporter for Spreading Fake News

The Algerian authorities have expelled a Reuters reporter from the country after spreading fake news about clashes with protesters in its capital. Tarek Ammarah is a Tunisian reporter working for Reuters who entered Algeria a couple of days ago to cover the ‘events in the country’, seems not what’s happening but his own agenda. The […]

Trump & Brennan on ‘Face the Nation’ Normalize War Crimes in Syria

In his 3 February interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, U.S. President Donald Trump revealed a main intention of accelerating Obama’s war criminal bombing of Syria, since September 2014: “We have to protect Israel.”This is utterly absurd, as it is Israel which has bombed Syria more than 30 times since 2011. Syria has not attacked Israel. […]

Syria: Deep State Use of 5th Column/Mercs for War Propaganda

US 5th columnist & mercenary Kareem claims ‘thousands will be killed’ & hasn’t looked this tickled pink since he groping a suicide bomber…belt.Syria is making international headlines again, specifically involving Idlib and more specifically involving the threats by the Three Stooges of geopolitics offering protection to the world’s human garbage, who have settled this governate […]