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US president Donald Trump disagreed the latest comments of his Treasury Secretary and sought for a ‘Strong Dollar’ instead of a weak one. A day earlier and on the sidelines of Davos Forum where leaders of countries, businesses, and influential person convene to try to come up with a unified vision to shape the world’s economy for the current year, US Secretary of Treasury shook the US currency by a single comment…

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The ministry of defense in Russia stated it will send over 4,000 tonnes of building material to Syria to restore the infrastructure in residential neighborhood liberated from terrorists.

Equipment on the way already to be shipped to Syria includes dredges, excavators, and cranes in addition to 2… continue reading: Russia Sends Building Material and Equipment for Syria’s Rebuilding

Four days into the Damascus Fair, NATO and Gulfie armed savages could not tolerate this joyful occasion.  On 20 August, the savages bombed the entrance to the 59th International Fair.

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Damascus is alive and embraces its visitors again!  After a five year cancellation because of the global war launched against Syria since 2011, the Damascus International Fair… Continue reading: Damascus International Fair Crowds Exceed Expectations | Syria News

Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation meets Syrian officials and discusses fields of cooperation in economy and investments. Continue reading: Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry Delegation in Damascus

On 18 February, an exciting commerce meeting was held a the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, to again report on Syria rebuilding.

Source: Syria Rebuilding: Private Sector Resumes Car Production, Defying US Sanctions & Turning East

Ultimately, the purpose of determining about the neighbouring countries is to generate the most growth in the port and coastal region, the administrative centre of the colonial hinterland, and to merely assign the task to the foreign hinterland, that it serves as sales market and as a supplier of low-order goods and services in Turkey.

Davutoglu hopes that this “hinterland strategy” generates the extreme growth in Turkey, which he needs, in order to make Turkey one of the largest economies in the world, at the expenses of its neighbouring countries.

In a fair economic cooperation among equal partners, the positive growth effects, which are associated with economic cooperation, are divided fairly equally between the states that are participating in the cooperation. In a colonial-type dominion & hinterland cooperation, the majority of profits, value and growth, however, can be bundled in the dominion, while the hinterland just has a little economically progressing.

This asymmetrical beneficial cooperation will not only affect an economic sector such as the energy sector, but the entire economy across all sectors, as well as the foreign policy. Such an asymmetrically-beneficial cooperation is achievable, for example, by implementing a dependent puppet regime in the hinterland by the dominion, which instead of considering the interests of their country, initially are following the interests of the rulers of the dominion.


In other words, rather than to blame the aggressive, threatening and domineering behaviour of Turkey, led by megalomania, over its neighbours, as for example, in the open support to terrorists for the purpose of a regime change in the neighbouring Syria and Turkey’s attempt to dictate, with whom its neighbours Iran, Azerbaijan und Cyprus are allowed to maintain relations of foreign policy, the prominent foreign policy columnist speculates in the leading government newspaper in Turkey that the interests of a Franco-German-Russian axis were to blame that the relations of Turkey with many of its neighbouring countries has become worse.

Russia is therefore not with some of the Caucasian and Central Asian countries in the “near abroad” of Russia, thus in the areas where Turkey is also very active, as well as with the Central Asian superpower China in strategic security alliances such as the CSTO and the SCO, but in an axis of the NATO members France and Germany. To come to such a thought is already very hard.

However, Beril Dedeoglu did not seem to even have the idea in mind that the neighbouring countries of Turkey actually follow, at least, a rudimentary foreign policy that is based on values and principles in contrast to Turkey, and that the aggressive and domineering behaviour of Turkey has therefore negative consequences for the bilateral relationship.


For nine months, the battle raged in Libya, a battle, which was accompanied by the international media and also German press was not far away from the battle on Libyan ground. They all sold the so-called rebels as liberators of the country Libya and knew how to “mobilize” against the murdered former leader Muammar Gaddafi and his followers.

That this war in Libya also was based on fakes and useful lies – just as the war against Iraq – and that the majority of the Libyan population was not entirely against the former leader Muammar Gaddafi were facts they never really cared about.

They also did not care about the fact, that about 60,000 people were killed in this “humanitarian war” in Libya, many of them by NATO fighters and so-called “democratic rebels”.


Since months the media reports about Syria even though it is repeatedly stressed that given the media blockade imposed by the government in the Syrian capital Damascus there are no secured and objectively verifiable facts are getting, because foreign journalists are denied access to land.

Why are there new horror news about Syria on daily base which are recited mechanically by so-called journalists without questioning their sources?

Once it comes to having to report that Syrian soldiers and security forces were murdered, the above-mentioned slogan are recited mechanically, but when these reports are about alleged atrocities by the Syrian authorities and soldiers, they have their sources in so-called eyewitness reports, al-Jazeera and al-Arabiyya reports (despite both media channels are far away from being credible) and not to forget in the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” based in London.