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Source: Maaloula Receives Bodies of 5 Christian Martyrs Killed in Lebanon by Nusra Front

image-Maaloula receives bodies of 5 Christian martyrs killed by FSA Nusra Front in Lebanon


The German blogger, who cares about the topic Syria in depth, has publish another article about the current situation in Aleppo and the horrible crimes of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the other radical Islamist splinter groups.

This time it is again a new report from the fearless correspondent in Syria, Anastasia Popova. The main topic of this new reportage by out of the Syrian city of Aleppo are the heavy destructions and desecrations by the marauding “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists and the impressive resistance and will of the civil inhabitants of Aleppo to defend their city and their way of life.

While we are very thankful for the work of Anastasia Popova and for the work by this German blogger, our prayers are still with the kidnapped Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva. Anhar Kochneva is already over two weeks in the hand of radical religious fanatics, fighters and mercenaries, which are supported, for example, by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as by Germany, France, Britain and the United States.


August 07, 2012, a Christian family from al Alyat village in Homs countryside, central of Syria received the most painful news a family can endure: 10 of its members were butchered during their work in the tourism resort near the Damascus – Homs main highway, Jandar Tourism Resort witnessed yet one more of those heinous scenes of the ‘democratizing’ process of Syria.

Jandar’s resort massacre’s victims, known names:

Michael Rashid Takla
Bassam Marwan Takla
Talal Munhem Takla
George Elias Takla
Mtanious Ibrahim Hajal
Mtanious Elias Touma
Mtanious Jacob Michael
Ahmad Mustapha Koumi

Martyr Talal M Takla – photo obtained from a relative of him

Their crime was being Christians, and working for money in a resort and not joining the ‘peaceful revolution‘ of the Wahhabi fanatic ‘freedom fighters‘ coming from the filth of the filth of the world to spread their way of life on the account of other people’s lives. Another exact repeat of the Zionist genocide in Palestine started some 100 years ago, and Palestinians are still living its horror day by day till this date.

USA, UK, France, Germany and their stooge in the region Turkey, all members of the criminal organization known as NATO, the North Atlantic Terrorism (or Treaty) Organization, in addition to this organization stooges in the Middle East, Near East and North Africa are all now supporting Al Qaeda fighters openly and with no shame using it as a tool to further their goals in their sick dream of a New World Order, creating a One World Government, where all the people have equal rights in slavery, and they reign awaiting their king, the anti-Christ.

This New World Order is facing obstacles, these obstacles are called Sovereign Nations, nations whom do not accept to be subjugated under the hegemony of the already failing and fading western states. These nations don’t want to be enslaved to save the ruined by wars economies of the axis of bloodthirsty freaks: The US, UK, France, Germany and their elite leader israel. That’s why ‘regime change’ was needed and should be disguised as ‘humanitarian intervention’ to save the civilians from their leaders whom suddenly all of them wanted to ‘kill their own people’ using their own people to kill themselves..! And in case you don’t believe that the leaders of these sovereign nations are ‘killing their own people’ then they’ll prove to you and you will be convinced, because later on, you yourself would be enslaved to serve your masters, the elite 1%.

To kill without mercy and with nondiscrimination a ruthless criminal organization is required and there’s one that just fit that criteria, it’s called Al Qaeda, invented by the USA’s CIA in the 80s of last century to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, then moved to the Arabian Peninsula to secure the need of planting tens of military bases around oil fields, then moved to Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia (Shabab Movement), North Africa, Mali, Uganda (the Christian version of it called God’s army), Libya and finally Syria.

We’ve seen the west cry for victims of Houla massacre for days, even the fact that all killed were from selected families whom were state loyalists including the wife and 3 daughters of the newly elected Syrian Parliament trustee Abdul Muti Meshleb were among the victims wasn’t enough to stop NATO’s propaganda and crocodile tears accusing the Syrian state of ‘killing its own people’ at the UN different bodies including the UNSC, until the truth was revealed that NATO’s sponsored FSA terrorists carried out the massacre then a new massacre was needed to cover for the previous one and use the new one, Tremseh, was the answer, but Tremseh massacre didn’t last for long when the victims were found to be all of terrorists whom swarm into the village and were killed when confronting the Syrian army post there.

Yesterday we witnessed Jandar’s massacre, but will the Sheeple in the west ever wake up before their own government actually ‘kill their own people’ when it’s time? I doubt.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.




Note: The following is based on research first assembled at the research wiki A Closer Look on Syria, with citations there.

A Golden Gift for Ghalioun

To an almost total extent, the Western world’s news about Syria’s war is written by one set of participants, with the corporate media constantly citing difficult-to-verify reports from “activists” aligned with the opposition Syrian National Congress (SNC). The case of little Sari Saoud is no exception He was just another of many, many victims of the Syrian conflict. In particular, he’s one of the many snuffed out with inhuman tactics in the ongoing propaganda war to secure a Western “humanitarian” crusade against Damascus.

The story as presented is golden – the snipers shot 9-year-old Sari inside Homs, the rebel city, so it can be presumed he was rebel kid. Further, he was a Christian, or at least his mother is, judging by the crucifix necklace the dazzled activist cameraman couldn’t zoom out from. The first news coverage was swift; Al Jazeera showed call-phone video of the dead boy, naked, embraced by his mother on the floor of a somewhat clinical-looking room. As shown just then on activist Internet sites, the announcer described “a mother crying over her son” who “was killed by gunfire from Syrian security forces early today.”


Marat Musin of the news agency ANNA News has recorded a conversation with Father Maximos, an Orthodox priest from the Syrian city of Homs.

In light of the recently published reports of the desecration of Christian holy places by various armed gangs, this is currently very topical on the one hand; on the other hand, it is also quite surprisingly neutral, peaceful and conciliatory in content.

This is a clear indication that the religious or sectarian component that some want to teach in some media in addition to the riots in Syria (Alawites and Shiites vs. Sunnis, and so on…), is an influence from the outside and it is also a game with baser instincts.


At the beginning of May, 2012, two reporters from USA Today were in the Syrian capital Damascus, in order to gain a picture of the situation in Syria. Towards these two reporters of USA Today, the Christian Hani Sarhan has testified the slogan that could be already heard at the beginning of the uprising within the demonstrations:

“Christians to Beirut, Alawites in the grave!”

He and his relatives are not working for the Syrian government and have nothing else to do with Syrian authorities. After they have learned about this awful slogan within the demonstrations, both began to reflect the real aims of the revolt in Syria.

The Christian Hani Sarhan said that he is afraid for his life and the life of his family and therefore supports the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


More or less critical nuances were able to be heard in the German media about Syria since a long time. At least, between some lines.

Yesterday, the always emphasized transatlantic German newspaper “Die Welt” has published a new report from the Syrian city of Aleppo, the industrial center of Syria, and this report is a break through considering the US-led media blockade against and about the real situation in Syria.

The German journalist Alfred Hackensberger, born 1959, reports about the Arabic World for German mainstream media since a long time. He normally lives in Tangier, Morocco.


In recent days and weeks the increase in violence has further continued in Syria. The Observers of the UN mission could do nothing against this, however, quite the contrary. The UN Observers were mainly just able to view the localities of incidents, and to write reports about their impressions afterwards.

During their work, the UN Observers in Syria came again and again even under fire and were attacked by the several armed militias. While it is not entirely comprehensible, who has always attacked the convoys of the UN Observers, but it is to say that the Syrian army was sure not responsible. The reasons why some armed groups and militias even have attacked the convoys of the UN Observers could be interesting.

After asking who benefits from the massacres and the violations of the ceasefire, one could also ask who could take advantage of injuries of the UN Observers or even the dead of one or some UN Observers in Syria. One could come to believe, that the armed militias, the so-called “Syrian rebels”, would take more benefits of this.


Dear Sirs,

I have lived in Syria for more than 40 years, a Christian in a Muslim family, but have never felt so threatened before. There have been many times when trouble here, or war, or differences between the Syrian and British governments have arisen, but I cannot recall any time when the actions of the country I still call home have been so embarrassingly prejudiced.

Syria is not a very well-governed country, and most people complain of the various secret police forces and their power, but for almost everyone almost all the time, life has been secure. I have walked through a city of 5 million people late at night with no thought that it would be unsafe, and the different Muslim and Christian sects have worshipped in their own ways and places with little control. Even the synagogue, now deserted, is protected from damage, and the land abandoned by Jewish emigrants waits for them to reclaim it sometime.


The Arab League meeting about Syria in Baghdad is over. Yesterday, not even the half of the leaders have met in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to talk about the situation within Syria, but also about Yemen and other countries, which have been “restructured” by the so-called revolutions, by the so-called “Arab spring”.

Many leaders have rejected their participation at this Arab League meeting in Baghdad, either for security reasons or because of disputes with the Iraqi government. Of course, the Emir of Kuwait participated in this Arab League summit in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

The Emir of Kuwait entered Iraqi ground for the first time after the invasion of Iraqi in Kuwait and shared his usual stance, to support the opposition in Syria. The Emir of Kuwait demanded clear that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has to stop the violence against his own people.