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The regime of Donald Trump has done the unimaginable and triggered the first steps towards full regional war starting from Syria, and the Friday morning bombing of Ash-Shairat Military Airport was just a the beginning to test waters.

Unstable, un-predicatable, foolish, moody and inexperienced in international matrices, the US has selected the mad man to carry out what his predecessors could never dare to imagine doing: Trigger WWIII, regional or global.

Receiving a huge sum from Saudi, he thought he got a good deal, launching an… Continue reading: US Invades Syria to Establish Buffer Zones

President Bashar al-Assad said that the solution to the crisis in Syria should be through two parallel ways: the first one is to fight the terrorists, and this is our duty as government, to defend the Syrians and use any means in order to destroy the terrorists who’ve been killing and destroying in Syria, and the second one is to make dialogue.

The president added in an interview given to Chinese PHOENIX TV that any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation..

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Syria’s president Dr. Bashar Assad to Chinese TV Channel

On 18 February, an exciting commerce meeting was held a the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, to again report on Syria rebuilding.

Source: Syria Rebuilding: Private Sector Resumes Car Production, Defying US Sanctions & Turning East

The first parts of the analysis of Turkish foreign policy by the German blogger clearly, based on a speech given by the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at the investment bank Goldman Sachs on 22.11.2011, that the major driving force of Turkish foreign policy was not the desire for peace, but that the zero-problem foreign policy was merely seen as an appropriate means in order to obtain “hinterland” for the rise of Turkey as a global power.

The second parts of the analysis by the German blogger showed how the Turkish government has miscalculated itself in its foreign policy with respect to Syria. The third part of the analysis by the German blog shows how the Turkish government has ruined later on Turkey’s relations with Iraq, falling further into the vortex of geopolitical conflict in Syria, in which Turkey is involved as an instigator and contributor/catalyst to the conflict in Syria.

After the Russian delivery of Yakhont missiles (3M55E Yakhont supersonic cruise missiles) to Syria, the version of a short-term regime change in Syria, based on the military superiority of NATO, was no longer in sight. Also a regime change on the basis of elections in the sense of Israel, the GCC States and NATO, including Turkey, was not in sight.


There is a very fundamental political interest by Russia about the events in Syria. Russia believes that the conviction of the rulers of NATO countries in general and the U.S. in particular, to think that they are allowed to take the injustice to carry out crimes against the international law, propaganda, terror, mass murder and to perform regime changes, in order to impose their wills and to implement puppet regimes, in states that are friendly states of Russia, just as they like, must be stopped.

Russia’s impression is that the U.S. and its allies under the guise of enforcing freedom, democracy and human rights pursue a systematic policy in states that are more befriended with Russia and China than with the United States.

This systematic policy includes the performing of measures of destabilization by the use of propaganda, sanctions, the targeted support of government opponents, the promotion of extremism, terrorism and crime as well as threats of war and wars of aggression as well as the installation of U.S. puppet regimes in these states, which all aim to subdue the world, including Russia and China, by all means.


There is little doubt that the global financial power shift is moving from West to East. If there is any controversy about the subject, it is only about its timing, but it is clear to all that China’s economy to surpass that in the US will happen in the near future.

The big question is what will America do to delay this process and/or try to totally prevent it. America’s “action” will largely depend on which America are we talking about, the mind-set in the Whitehouse, and the driving force behind the President at the time.

That said, a very small percentage of Americans are likely to take giving the centre court to China lightly. But how many will take it sitting down, and to what extent are they going to stand up to do something about it?


On Thursday evening, Baba Amr, Homs, was occupied by the regular Syrian troops. The normal citizens of Baba Amr (Baba Amro) were glad about the exemption from the armed radicals and foreign mercenaries in their streets.

Of course, Western media delivers another image about the events in Baba Amr, again partial based on the questionable information of the so-called two-man show “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London.

From which Western media already knows that it`s not credible and that they often spread false information. Voltaire Network, e.g., calls this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London an office of the Muslim Brotherhood. Considering the backgrounds and names, it`s understandable why Voltaire Network seems to convinced about that.


Tomorrow is the day: The Syria-Contact Group (“Friends of Syria”) meets in Tunis. It sounds like the hypocritically meeting, that took place shortly before the NATO war in Libya.

The name “Syria contact group” is very likely the same method as the formation of the Libya-contact group, which was formed to overthrow the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi). They succeeded in their dubious intentions after an illegal war in Libya.

The similarities in the naming of events, the similarities with the manipulation of people by the propaganda of the conformist media in the West with their coverage of Libya and Syria, are astonishing. However, the West, which usually starts a bombardment without much hesitation, was far more reticent to really publicly intervene in Syria.


The Syrian city of Tartus (Tartous) welcomed the arrival of two Iranian navy ships at this weekend. As planned and as it is also based on a contract from last year, the Iranian and Syrian sides will carry out some naval exercises together.

At the same time, the arrival of two Iranian navy ships at the Syrian port of Tartus (Tartous) is also a sign for the West and especially for Israel and the United States. They try to set an example and also to demonstrate some strength.

After the arrival of some Russian navy / war ships in the Syrian port of Tartus (Tartous), the arrival of these two Iranian navy ships is seen as a clear statement to the States which try to interfere in Syria. It`s probably also the Iranian answer to the ongoing war preparations of these States, although they are always denied in public by them. But less and less people believe on those denials of the United States and Israel.


In contrast to Libya, Syria became the scene of a revolt that almost immediately went off script: the majority of Syria’s population remain the government’s loyalists, and the Syrian army never disintegrated into warring factions. According to Western estimates, the rebel forces in Syria combined with the relatively small bunch of army defectors are outnumbered by at least a factor of four by the regular army which is also much better armed.

The attacks launched by guerrillas on the regions where most of the residents are traditionally hostile to B. Assad and the attempts to cause the people to rebel are at the moment being successfully suppressed, while the opposition’s street marches typically run into response rallies staged by the supporters of the legitimate authority.