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The list of lunatic US presidents just keeps growing.  It’s a bipartisan list too, so maybe there’s something in the White House ventilation system. George… Continue reading: The Lunatic US Presidents — and John McCain | Syria News


One thing that always moves me to express my opinion about it is when I see hypocrisy and double standards when things are measured with a double standard. This time it is about a question that I want to ask my Muslim readers.

Why there are many protests worldwide over cartoons and films, which are seen as an attack on the faith, but we hear not even a peep from you about the fact that the Saudi royal family is destroying the holiest places of Islam? Is this no attack on the faith?

The ruling sect of Wahhabis demolishes historic buildings in Mecca and Medina, and there is no protest. Such as the birth house of Mohammed, there is a library now. Added to this is that the Wahhabis are those who fund the Islamic extremists of the Salafists that are pushing the entire Islam in a bad light with their bloodthirsty terrorism.


The amount of information by an inevitable and imminent war between the West and Iran has recently increased very much; even in the face of the familiar, yet not exactly  quiet, background with all the prophecies, warnings, threats, and the “accidentally” published secret plans.

One reads from a journalistic feather but actually never the question, what all this really does mean at all. What is it that could happen in near future, which the Israeli leadership suddenly throws all the rest of rational thinking over board and is heading like a bulldozer inexorably to a war – heading to a war, in which Israel would definitely not come out unscathed?

If, then there are at best nebulous considerations of completely irrational factors, which are finally no facts; this goes even towards considerations, that war is simply the best medicine (remedy) against times of crisis.


The former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, said in another interview (source) that the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad “is no friend of the United States” and that overthrowing his government and him would be a “great thing” for the people in Syria. She also said in this new interview that the Syrian president is taking his country to the brink of a civil war.

To be honest it rather looks like the United States of America are taking Syria and its people to the brink of a civil and a war between religions and ethics. By supporting the Syrian opposition in and abroad Syria since years and asking for new sanctions every week they only harmed and still harm the Syrian people. Also some new reports seem to make it clear that America supports the so called “Free Syrian Army” (Free Syria Army) with money and provides advice.

Some even say that the USA is behind the arming of this bunch of violent and radical islamistic people in Syria. With weapons smuggled over the borders from Lebanon and Turkey these terrorists became a huge danger to the normal Syrian citizens.