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Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad Interview with RT
Interview with Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad by RT’s Murad Gazdiev

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad gave a very timely and important interview to Russia Today’s Murad Gazdiev which was aired today. It comes at a very critical moment where the junta ruling the USA have shown their real faces and intentions towards Syria and the world peace.

Dr. Assad appeared calm, precise, sharp, and giving pointed answers as his usual, come from the first impression watching this interview that took place yesterday in Damascus and was aired today. Mr. Gadziev’s questions weren’t of a type usually asked by most journalists, who don’t use the transparency in the questions he delivered and the answered he… Continue reading:


Qadri Jamil, the leader of a delegation of the internal Syrian opposition and also the representative of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation told that the internal Syrian opposition is ready for a dialogue with the Syrian government and that the opposition in Syria does not stipulate President Bashar al-Assad’s stepping down as a pre-condition.

The representative of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation in Syria, Qadri Jamil, told this to Itar-Tass on Thursday when he arrived in the Russian capital Moscow by air. Of course, the internal Syrian opposition was already ready for a dialogue with the Syrian government and that Qadri Jamil is the Syrian Deputy Prime Minister since some time should at least display this readiness for dialogue with the internal Syrian opposition by the Syrian leadership.

However, it is also clear that the Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil represents not only the Popular Front for Change and Liberation in Syria and a delegation of the internal Syrian opposition, but Mr Jamil also represents the same stances of the Syrian government in some important points.


The Syrian opposition has regrouped under the pressure and by an active contribution of the West and unites now more so-called Syrian opposition groups than before. The new Anti-Syrian umbrella organization demonstrates a staged openness and calls since its inception on all so-called organizations to join it or to be united under one roof.

The West participates in it and also supports the calls that the armed forces and the radical Islamist organisations should join this new umbrella organisation. It is probably the situation that several European foreign ministers, for example, the German clown in office, Guido Westerwelle, either think that these “moderate Islamists” will establish a democratic, peaceful state in Syria, or they know the truth and do not care about the upcoming downfall and destruction of the secular Syria because some states like the United States, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia still have too much power or money (or even both).


In this interview with Russia Today, the Syrian president al-Assad said that he is not going to leave Syria and that he will not leave Syria. Bashar al-Assad also mentioned the implications of the armed foreign intervention on Syria`s on-going internal conflict.

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said, for example, that Syria is the last stronghold of secularism and stability in this region of the Middle East and that there will probably be a domino effect that will affect the entire world from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

This is not contrast to what a lot of analysts and experts in Middle Eastern affairs have already explained in recent months. In addition, the implications on the rest of the world are already perceptibly and they will increase with a military intervention by NATO forces in Syria.


It seems that Russian diplomacy has set itself a goal to overheat the minds of the potential aggressors. In any case, it seems with the Russian arms sales to Syria, about it has been reported the day before yesterday and yesterday, that they are “discontinued”, remain the same and are continued.

The existing contracts are continued to be met, and several Russian-language resources (such as Untro.Ru) even report, that the arms deliveries under the existing contracts will be executed “at any cost“.

This applies to the contracted deliveries of air defense systems and the already abundantly discussed, refurbished helicopters.

This message seems to have not come through to German and English news sites until now, but in any case, it is the talk about that the waiver of Russia on the arms sales to Syria, as it was reported two days ago, only concerns new contracts


The German author and former politician, Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer, had an interview with the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. The German journalist has also written an article about his interview with the Syrian president al-Assad, which was published by a German newspaper (“Bild”) on Monday.

In this guest article, Mr. Todenhöfer has mentioned, that he met with another person from al-Houla (al-Hula), the region, where the horrible massacre was committed just some weeks ago. This person from al-Houla (Hula) has some interesting statements, which underline, that the Syrian government has nothing to do with this horrible massacre.

And further, this eyewitness, who has lost many relatives in this massacre, also makes it clear that the so-called “Shabiha” (Shabi7a) were also not responsible for this horrible massacre in al-Houla (Hula). This eyewitness knows some of the perpetrators behind the massacre because he was among them, just weeks before in protests against the Syrian government and president al-Assad.

Here is the translation of the guest article by the German author and journalist Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer:


With his scrubby hair and the open, friendly face, Manaf Tlass looks more like an intellectually cultivated, uninvolved civilian, not like a typical top officer, who is in the elite unit, the “Republican Guard”, under the command of Maher, brother of the President Assad.

However, Tlass comes from an old family that supports the Assad leadership: his father Mustafa has already served the father Hafez al-Assad for 30 years as defense minister. Much larger than the actual military rank of Manaf is his importance as a personal friend of the President and as an informal member of the “young guard”:  The modern, reform-minded successor generation of the old pillars of the Assad regime.

Manaf has attended the same military school as his colleague of the same year, Bashar Al-Assad. The family Tlass has close ties to Paris:  Mustafa’s grandfather went there in 2003 to undergo a surgery on the heart, a widowed sister of Manaf is living there – and even Manaf was on his way to there, as it was said on Friday.


Last night, the German TV program “Weltspiegel” of the German television channel ARD was alone devoted to the theme Syria. The reason? An exclusive interview with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, made possible by Mr. Todenhöfer.

It seems that the German state media (in this case the ARD, which also evaluates the “Syria Files” of Wikileaks, why ever.) had to jump on the next propaganda train and also had to show again, how good they are in the further propaganda against Syria, the propaganda machine, that is dictated by NATO.

Mr. Todenhöfer got an appointment with Syrian President Assad for an interview for about 20 minutes. Mr. Todenhöfer used the given time very cleverly while he has chosen his questions also very skillfully, and has brought up all the allegations, which are repeatedly published by the Western mainstream media against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his inner circle.

Bashar al-Assad answered these questions with understandable explanations, no matter how somebody might stand to this man. The German translator for the interview that was conducted in English language was in his own inimitable way perfect for the propaganda by the German state channel ARD.


The next conference on Syria, in some media sold as a “breakthrough”, this time in Geneva, has produced a document that is a banal flop, a washout.

It is based on the initiative of Kofi Annan that was already mentioned here, also about the fact, that it was impossible to fulfill, and also why this initiative was impossible to get fulfill from the outset, based on completely objective reasons.

For this reason there is no need to discuss again why the conclusion of this conference will have no practical effect. There are only a few additions.


On Saturday (06/30/2012), the “new” Syrian contact group has debated for several hours about Syria, again without the participation of Syrians.

This Syrian “contact group” has debated in Geneva in order to submit a final document at the end, that likely does not pleases all participants, but that is nevertheless supported in its main elements and statements, more or less, by all the participating great powers, including Turkey, and by the present representatives of the Arab League (AL), which is no real surprise.

Of course, it is questionable, how intensively they will try to implement the agreed goals. By the end of the year, a way for a political transition in Syria should be implemented. How the participants have agreed in Geneva, an interim government for Syria should be created in the capital Damascus, and an unity government with parts of the government and the opposition. It was not clearly formulated which parts of the Syrian “opposition” should be involved in the “new” Syrian government.