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During the recent summit between the Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and his Russian counterpart Mr. Vladimir Putin at the Russian resort city Sochi, Mr. Putin called for all foreign troops to leave Syria.

In our report covering the summit, we highlighted this particular part of Mr. Putin’s statement, among other issues of matter, and emphasized on the possibility it could be “a slip of a tongue by Mr. Putin, and that he was referring to foreign troops uninvited officially by the Syrian state”.

We expressed our hope this would not be, as it seemed as if Mr. Putin was “bowing to his ‘Western Partners’ and Israel’s demands of the withdrawal of any Iranian advisors or Hezbollah fighters from the country.”

In our post we explicitly explained that the presence of ‘Iranian advisors were based on a mutual defense pact signed… Continue reading:


Assad Met Putin at Sochi

Posted: May 18, 2018 in Syria
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Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad met on Thursday 17 May 2018 at Sochi his Russian counterpart Mr. Vladimir Putin in the presence of Russian ministers of foreign affairs Lavrov and defense Shoygu.

At the opening of the meeting, Russian president congratulated Dr. Assad for the holy month of Ramadan and the big advances the Syrian Arab Army achieved in the war on terror. Mr. Putin praised the efforts of the Syrian soldiers for the latest very important moves in the last period to enforce the legitimate authority in the country.

Mr. Putin emphasized on the important areas recently cleaned from terrorists and eliminated the threat against the Syrian capital Damascus, which in his views paved the way for the infrastructure reconstruction efforts in the country.

The Russian president stressed on the need of resuming the comprehensive political course thanks to the latest military achievements. Mr. Putin also… Continue reading (video included):

President Bashar al Assad, the leader of the Syrian Arab Republic, today visited the brave Syrian Arab Army on the front lines of Eastern Ghouta, where the battle against the western and Gulf backed radical terrorists continues.  President Bashar al Assad is a legendary leader in this area. 

Imperialistic America is unleashing threats of bombing as response to Syria’s liberation of Eastern AlGhouta — a stronghold of terrorists and a real danger to Damascus.  Syria’s ongoing battle to liberate Eastern Ghouta has driven America crazy; it wants to stop the Syrian Arab Army advances in Eastern Ghouta to realize its dream of defeating Damascus.

image-Syria's President Assad meeting with troops liberating Ghouta from terrorists.
Syria’s President Assad meeting with troops liberating Ghouta from terrorists.

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Syria news briefs of 29 December include evacuations of terrorists, release of kidnapped victims, bombings of residential neighborhoods, gifts to children of martyrs, and First Family visit.

In a deal brokered by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), 85 “humanitarian cases” were released from terrorist captivity in… Continue reading: Syria News Briefs, 29 December 2017 | Syria News

Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad has confirmed the Syrian government’s stance in clearing all of Syria from terror and re-establish Damascus’s authority over the entire country.

Visitors of Damascus who met Dr. Al-Assad have conveyed he is more comfortable when talking about the military battlefields and his determination in eradicating ISIS, Nusra Front and every other terrorist organization and proxy group of the West from Syria… Continue reading: 

image-Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad

Theresa May cries and must wonder why she can’t be as popular with Brits as Bashar al-Assad is with Syrians.  I got the remedy for you Ms. May. Now strap y.. Continue reading: Theresa May Cries: Not Loved by Brits as Assad by Syrians | Syria News

If you can’t control it burn it, that’s the motto of the Turkish terrorists aka FSA thugs attacking Syrian government and people in order to further a regime change in this sovereign country for so many reasons, not least the New World Order, regional & international gas and oil pipelines projects, israel’s safety among many other things.

We’ve seen what Al Qaeda, a branch of the FSA terrorist group, done to the Bamiyan Buddha Statue in Afghanistan that stood 1,700 years at a 150 meters height when they under the wing of Taliban in 2001 took control of the country there.

Now, they’re in Syria fighting the culture, heritage, history, tradition and the people of this old country, which history is recorded since 12,000 years and invented the alphabet some 7,000 years ago.

The Old Souq in Aleppo, a World Heritage site registered by the UNESCO in the year 1986 is now ruins, the hundreds of shops that make the living of thousands of Aleppo merchants and their workers are burnt to earth by the savage, barbaric, medieval terrorists whom were invented, supported, financed, trained by NATO and smuggled into Syria by Turkey, a NATO’s very faithful member state.

It’s heartbreaking to see lives destroyed and a country being burnt by these mercenaries under the guise of ‘protecting Syrians’ by destroying their properties and lynching the civilians not assisting their fake revolution. Now the source of income of these merchants is in flames. It’s worth mentioning that Aleppo never witnessed any protest in support of the fake revolution, on the contrary, it’s people held several rallies in support of the Syrian state and the president Bashar Al Assad. Here’s one of them on 19 October 2011:

Now the cavemen punished Aleppo residents and of course under the help of the western mainstream media which are ready to accuse the Syrian government while these terrorists ‘were trying to put down the fire’, watch:




Bu Azizi burnt himself and suddenly a revolution sweeping the Arab world from Tunisia in the west to Syria in the east, skipping some countries for some reasons. A spontaneous public uprising, as what mainstream media and western leaders like to describe the riots which saw the ousting and chaos replacing long times of stability under what also is suddenly discovered in the west as brutal dictators, while just a few days ago in each targeted country, the leaders of these countries were the west’s best allies in the region, until the domino effect hit a wall in Syria.

Tunisia saw its 23 years time ruler Zeinedden Ben Ali leave after ‘spontaneous public uprising’ forced him out, it was the power of the people, in his place a pro-western very radical Islamist regime is installed, first of its significant foreign policy statements was: there’s no clause in the constitution to prevent establishing relations with israel..!

Egypt saw its 30 years time ruler Hosni Mubarak leave after ‘spontaneous public uprising’ forced him out, it was the power of the people, in his place a pro-western very radical Islamist regime is installed, first of its significant foreign policy decisions was: destroy the life-line tunnels of Gaza, which israel wasn’t able to find for so long..!

Yemen saw its 18 years time ruler Ali Abdallah Saleh leave after ‘spontaneous public uprising’ forced him out, it wasn’t the power of the people, rather a deal struck, yet, his replacement was ‘fairly’ elected in a US praised free elections that resulted in 98% approval, and Al Qaeda infested this strategically geographical positioned country, which oversees the entrance of the red sea thus the Suez Canal, thus the Persian Gulf oil route to Europe..!

Libya saw its 41 years time ruler Muammar Gaddafi leave, the world, after ‘spontaneous public uprising’ forced NATO to help them to kill him, in his place a pro-western extremely radical Islamist regime is installed, first of its significant foreign policy decisions was: arm a copy cat militia in attacking the only state in the region that forms an existential threat to israel, Syria and on the longer run Iran.

Other Arab Countries which saw real ‘spontaneous public uprisings’ are either still facing turmoil non-mentioned at all in mainstream media, or have ‘resolved’ the ‘spontaneous public uprising’ by doing nothing but were praised by the western leaders. It already have very pro-western regimes by the way.

Syria, was never a target of a ‘spontaneous public uprising’ but somehow was included in the list of countries witnessing a ‘spontaneous public uprising’..! Ask the mainstream media how this happened.. Then what? The domino effect stopped affecting and somehow it was the entire world’s attention and out of a sudden and countries till just last year hating the Syrian people are crying for the oppression the Syrians are suffering from..! Armed gangs popped up out of nowhere, very advanced weapons were used, not available in Syrian military or security stock, these armed gangs started increasing in numbers and very sophisticated communication devices were found.. Countries suffering the worst economies ever are ready to allot huge sums of their tax payers, not to help their own people, rather to arm this ‘spontaneous public uprising’ and help the Syrians achieve their ‘freedom’ by destroying Syria and slaughtering its people and mainstream media can of course help with the rhetoric used before in each previous ‘spontaneous public uprising’: the regime is killing its own people, it worked before why it’s not working in Syria?!

Sit, relax and enjoy watching this documentary of 4 parts, it’ll take maximum about 35 minutes of your time but might change your view about world politics, the Arab Spring and the Syrian crisis:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Don’t you like how mainstream media was performing for so long and managed to shape the people of the west into Sheeple?

 As I like to say: They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.




In a Washington Post article that appeared today, July 29th, 2012, under the title White House cautions Syria rebels not to repeat mistakes of Iraq, Obama regime has threatened to kill the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad and warned the terrorists from the USA Al Qaeda Federal Agency working in Syria not to “completely disband the Syrian security and government ‘apparatus'”, referring to Syrian army, security officers and police forces.

We had to warn the Obama regime of such a crime that would definitely lead to major regional war with mega devastation, if not World War 3. Here is what we wrote as a comment on the same article, hoping some wise men, if any left, in the drone president administration would move to stop such a war before it’s too late:

If Obama regime said: “if president Assad is killed” that means they are planning to kill him, and that means they’re far way stupid, or better say: mad and rabid, than we thought or imagined.

Don’t they learn from their own mistakes? They killed 4 leaders in the Syrian government: minister of defense, his deputy, a former general who is aide to the deputy vice president and the head of national security of Syria, the result? The Syrian army went on full ground assault against the terrorists with no mercy to revenge their leaders, while those same slain leaders were holding it back giving the terrorists a chance after another to lay down their weapons and engage in a political dialogue. I’m sure this might be news for many of you, because the media made you think otherwise, I’m talking about reality on the ground and not the virtual world the media created and moved you to live in it.

Syrian army is not a bunch of pawns or slaves, those who don’t know should understand that 16 months of all types of disinformation, and an unprecedented campaign from all NATO media tools including this Washington Post itself, couldn’t deviate this army not even an inch away from its responsibilities. Now kill their leader and cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Doha, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Athens and many others would turn into ruins. Ask those few wise men left in the Obama regime and they’ll tell you the range of the Syrian missiles, I didn’t mention the so called israel, because it’ll cease to be inhabitable. The Syrian army has its orders and field leaders can react to any event without returning to any ‘political’ leadership. It’s in a state of war against thousands of terrorists already inside the country, so they won’t wait orders, trust me on this.

If Obama regime is after Armageddon, then it should say so, Syria’s foreign ministry spokesperson already hinted at Samson option: All in all out destruction in the event of a foreign attack, and killing the president of the country is a foreign attack. Read between the lines.

It doesn’t matter if Obama himself bragged about killing president Assad later, or Al Zawahri, the head of the USA Federal Agency known by Al Qaeda. The enemies of Syria have already declared their names: all of those who convened under the name of ‘Friends of Syria’.

Call on your leaders to reason, the world is still too young for such a destruction, lots of WMDs exist in israel and for sure it’ll retaliate using them, but it’ll be its own Samson option as well.

“If you’re not careful, the newspaper will have you hating the people who are being oppressed & loving the people doing the oppressing” – MalcomX

And I keep saying: “They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable”.

Washington Post, one of the US leading newspapers enriches its audience with very strong material, very strong that the readers would be in a state of mind after reading its articles to jump off cliffs.. Wait, I’m not exaggerating, just read the article appearing today under title: In Damascus, losing faith in Assad, then come back here to read this short comment, this might help you avoid jumping off the cliff:

I always love to read WP articles about Syria, it’s very informative and with evidence: A guy on the street said the people hate the regime, he didn’t give his name, while another guy who is 62 years to be precise, not in his 60s, most probably he’s an Aries as well, he owns 4 houses in Damascus but can’t stay in any, he’s staying now in?!?! Anyways, while a 30 year old man doesn’t feel loyal anymore, even thought he used to serve the government in shocking protesters with electric prods which none of the entire mainstream media showed any of the Syrian govt servants do in any of the protests, because the protesters were shelled at with tanks, remember? I think you forgot reports like ‘peaceful protesters’ in Daraa in the south of Syria were shelled by Syrian army tanks indiscriminately causing 4 protesters to be slightly wounded in Idleb, north of Syria.. and such stuff.

I remember one report posted here by a lady called Liz Sly, that’s her real name for some reason, and she writes here often, she went to Hama to locate 900,000 protesters who took to the streets a week earlier and she wrote: “the city is beautiful, lots of trees on the sides of the roads, everything is calm but you can feel the revolt in hidden feelings, a lady, she refused to give her name out of fear of consequences, said the people here are all against the regime, while Mohammad, a street vendor said he will revolt against the regime if he gets the chance.. otherwise, the city looks quiet and clean”, and no, she didn’t find the 900,000 protesters or any of them, they were protesting with their feelings, maybe.

This report however is written by a ‘Special Correspondent’ if you noticed.

If it was a ‘public uprising’ then it was put down by another overwhelming ‘public’, or by a brutal army of 500,000 personnel coming from 23 million people, not to add Baath party members of 2.8 million plus those in the parliament, government, security, police and of course their families…, or the ‘public uprising’ wasn’t public after all, you choose.

Hasn’t Washington Post itself report of influx of thousands of AlQaeda fighters into Syria with the help of Turkey, Jordan and parties in Lebanon all stooges to the USA? Or such reports don’t count, it’s a 62 year old man the ‘Special Correspondent’ met on the street, and a 30 year old former protesters shocker stories stand?

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re ‘foolable’.