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It is official now: As the German evening news just has announced – the German government wants that the German Army (Bundeswehr) participates in the Turkish war of aggression against Syria.

The decision of the German Government about the participation of the German Army in the war of aggression against Syria is already made according to the German evening news (“Tagesschau”).

What should be examined now should be just the point whether the German government seeks the OK of the German Bundestag for the participation in the war of aggression against Syria or not.

Specifically, the German government wants therefore to move 170 German soldiers, armed with Patriot anti-aircraft missiles, to Turkey.

The participation of German soldiers in the war of aggression against Syria is covered by the propaganda that this is just the German contribution to the defence of the NATO ally Turkey.



Since grenades from Syrian soil have hit a Turkish border village on Wednesday last week, in which five people have sadly lost their lives, the situation is getting worse at the border between Syria and Turkey. The situation is wilfully escalated by the Turkish leadership under lead of Erdogan.

Here, the absolute aggressor and even warmonger is Erdogan with his desire to finally reintegrate of further Syrian soil into Turkish territory; but to be honest, Erdogan is just a tool for others, while he thinks that he could also get a piece of the Syrian cake at the end.

After all, is was the fact that Syria was the heart of the empire in the Ottoman times and more or less the lifeline it, so it is no surprise that Erdogan dreams about the possible end that he could grab a part of the Syrian territory. Not to mention the situation that Syria is geo-strategically and logistical important for some interesting economic and military benefits.

The Turkish leadership was very quick to implement a law that allows Turkish units to invade Syrian soil – for, believe it or not, a full year now. Since then, one is able to read it again and again that Turkey is “just defending itself”, or takes “revenge” for the behaviours of the “bad boy” Syria, although there is no evidence and the logical aspect should tell everybody, that it is sure more near the truth, that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is responsible for these staged attacks on Turkish soil.


After the seizure of power by the Islamists, the policy of Turkey has lost any semblance of sense and looks like a single back and forth, mixed with Buridan’s donkey. This could ultimately end fatal for Turkey. However, if one thinks about the concrete situation of the Syrian conflict and the possible Israeli attack on Iran, one is able to point out two fundamental mistakes which the Turks do commit.

At the beginning, so in 2002, the Islamists still were completely sane people who have understood very well, that the control over the army is synonymous with the opportunity to realize its policy, and a policy, that simply runs contrary to the centenarian Kemalist political tradition of the country. And which could, in some cases, set back Turkey to the point from which they already were fallen deeply, and therefore was obliged to start the project “Atatürk”.

The military has always considered the aims and objectives of the JDP (Justice and Development Party / AKP) as incompatible with the Kemalist ideology. But it became a hostage of its own convictions. The fineness of a democracy lies precisely in the fact that a popularly elected leader can be repulsive to for you, but you have the duty to respect, admittedly not the leader, but the people. Even if they are wrong.


A reporter from the BBC (mainly biased reports) has seen wooden crates in the Syrian city of Aleppo and was able to photograph these crates. These pictures of the reporter confirm that Saudi Arabia, an ally of the United States and an economic partner of Israel; deliver ammunition and weapons to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria.

The BBC reporter made pictures of three boxes, which are from a weapons manufacturer in Ukraine. This is not surprising. Already months ago, there were rumors that weapons from Ukraine and Georgia are smuggled behind the borders of Syria.

These crates with the weapons and ammunition for the Western-backed radicals, fighters and al Qaeda members were addressed to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


With his scrubby hair and the open, friendly face, Manaf Tlass looks more like an intellectually cultivated, uninvolved civilian, not like a typical top officer, who is in the elite unit, the “Republican Guard”, under the command of Maher, brother of the President Assad.

However, Tlass comes from an old family that supports the Assad leadership: his father Mustafa has already served the father Hafez al-Assad for 30 years as defense minister. Much larger than the actual military rank of Manaf is his importance as a personal friend of the President and as an informal member of the “young guard”:  The modern, reform-minded successor generation of the old pillars of the Assad regime.

Manaf has attended the same military school as his colleague of the same year, Bashar Al-Assad. The family Tlass has close ties to Paris:  Mustafa’s grandfather went there in 2003 to undergo a surgery on the heart, a widowed sister of Manaf is living there – and even Manaf was on his way to there, as it was said on Friday.


The Middle East expert Günter Meyer draws a reality of the conflict in Syria which differs from the Western media reports. He believes neither in a breakthrough in Geneva or a Turkish intervention in Syria.

This interview was published by the Swiss newspaper and as stated, the statements by the expert in affairs of the Middle East, Mr. Günter Meyer, truly differ from the coverage of the situation in Syria by Western media.

But to be honest, that is no real surprise, because some people, after all, rather stick with the truth than with the propaganda and American aims.

The statements of Mr. Meyer are reminiscent of the information from the German journalist Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer and some can also take it as given that the known Middle East expert, Peter Scholl-Latour, also shares this stance, which differs to the propaganda and one-sided reports in Western media.


The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News wrote on 26 June:

“There are currently two Russian ships and a Russian frigate was in Latakia harbor,” Masum Turker, leader of the Democratic Left Party (DSP) said today in an interview with TV8. “One of them, Admiral Chabanenko, has the technology to detect th e slightest action in the air.”

Masum Türker said that the Russian warship Admiral Chabanenko (Udaloy class destroyer) hit the Turkish jet that went down on June 22nd.


The German journalist Alfred Hackensberger wrote about his opinions about the horrible massacre of al-Houla (al-Hula) and it seems that he is the next German journalist who has some doubts about the “story” of the “Syrian rebels”, which was and is still willfully reproduced by Western mainstream media.

The article by the German journalist Alfred Hackensberger about his experiences in Syria and especially about the information on the “Houla massacre” was published by the German newspaper “Morgenpost”.

We have to excuse, that the translation of the German article is not perfect, but we tried the best and hope the wording is understandable because the article is interesting.

Following is the translation of this article by Alfred Hackensberger:


The first Islamic emirate on Syrian soil has barely existed for one day. The Ideology, tactics and procedures of the bandits in Syria are remarkably reminiscent of the unrest in Chechnya.

Yesterday, the following information by ANNA-News and others was published:

“In the morning, at 4 o`clock, a larger unit of armed fighters from the village Bkas, more than 500 men strong and under the command of the “Emir” Sayed Tabbush, has attacked several villages near al-Haffah in the province of Latakia: Dschub al-Akhmar, al-Harwat and al-Hamilah.

After the capture of these villages, the armed militants proclaimed the establishment of an Islamic emirate in the region.


How many times your Zionist neo-con leaders told you that the USA is fighting Al-Qaeda terrorists? Didn’t they invad Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere under the pretext ‘War on Terror‘?

What if your NATO states leaders are supporting Al-Qaeda with your hard earned tax dollars/ Euros? And when that’s not enough, they’re borrowing from Zionist bankers after selling your country to foreign investors to cover their support to Al-Qaeda just to destroy one state after another from those saying NO to the New World Order: The One World Government under their rule as they dream.
Well, Syria is fighting Al-Qaeda terrorists installed, trained, supported, financed, armed, covered in media and politically by YOU and in YOUR name.
And when their ‘War on Terror’ slogan resulted in droning own US citizens worldwide along with thousands of civilians of sovereign nations, something new needed to keep the Sheeple going: Humanitarian Intervention by those same waging War on Terror against those the same victims of countries saying NO to the Zionist Imperialism hegemony.
There’s no harm in being fooled once, you don’t expect people looking like human beings you elect to fool you, but when they fool you continuously and time and time again, then sorry to say: You Are Sick.
So it’s not enough they commit crimes against humanity by destroying countries overseas, slaughter civilians in thousands, tens of thousands and even in hundreds of thousands, in your name with your money by your children, they borrow to kill. While back at home there’s austerity measures, deteriorating welfare, healthcare, education system and student loans, infrastructure, unemployment and Poverty.

Al Qaeda terrorists attack Syrian army posts & vehicles not in combat

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because You’re ‘Foolable’