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Our comparison delivers evidence of al Qaeda in Syria and how the several agencies of the colonial powers have been trying to conceal it. (US Ambassador Robert Ford knew that al Qaeda was active in Syria since April 2011 – not to mention that there is a good reason why many call it al-CIAda.)

But also corporate and state media in Germany keep the facts under wraps because of their close connections to the German Federal government and they try to sell every strange story for propaganda purposes.


The European, multilingual news television channel Euronews (headquarter in Lyon-Écully, France) reported on 19 December 2012 from a camp in the province of Idlib (Idleb) / Syria.


“Since the end of 2011 / beginning of 2012, there is more and more talk of radical Islamist fighters, even of al-Qaeda. Thousands of them are said to be involved in the Syrian civil war now. Pictures from one of their training camps. The accent of the instructor indicates his origin is from Algeria or Tunisia.”


“Many people of al-Qaeda came from Iraq in order to fight here under the name “Al Nusra Front” against the infidels. The majority of the suicide bombs, which have already hit senior representatives in Syria, go on their account. One of their regional commanders calls himself Sheikh Abu Ahmed.”


“This Abu Ahmed is likely to come from southern Iraq or the Gulf region according to his accent. He says: We are wholeheartedly against this regime. Since the Arab Spring began, we were the first in the service of the revolution.”

AFP and AP

The agency AFP, which represents itself gladly as the “Marines of Journalism – First in, Last out” and supplies about 1,500 U.S. newspapers, is selling the story of the “rebel” camp in Idlib (Idleb), Syria, since the 17 December 2012.

For the agency AP, these Al Qaeda fighters from Iraq and the instructor from North Africa are suddenly deserted Syrian soldiers.

This reads then as follows at Associated Press:

“In Idlib province, the brigade is made up of seven battalions with about 900 armed men, said the instructor, Abu Hamza, once a special forces commander who served 12 years in the Syrian military.”

There it is – the fairy tale of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which only consists of Syrians.

“Abu Hamza, 32, said that for the past month, he has been moving among rebel outposts to train the fighters. The tall, clean-shaven (SN: this should suggest that he is no Islamist) ex-officer said he hopes to pick the best for a future rebel commando unit.

For Monday’s drill, 16 trainees faced Abu Hamza in four rows in the backyard of a farmhouse near the village of Maaret Ikhwan, about half an hour’s drive from the Turkish border.”

In order to eliminate any doubts that the camp has been really unmasked by Euronews, we have compared the cock-and-bull stories and we viewed all the available pictures from the trip to Maaret and noticed something amazing.

The pictures prove that it is one and the same training camp of al-Qaeda.

The people and the environment in the pictures from AP / AFP and Euronews are identical. This camp of al Qaeda is undoubtedly the same training camp which is sold by the NATO agencies as a training camp of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

All participating reporters knew where they were. These Syrian “rebels” belong to al Qaeda. The intent to deceive is clear: The character of the war against Syria under the black of al Qaeda flag should be veiled.

The Proof

Here is the evidence with pictures that the sold as Syrian training camp is in fact the al Qaeda camp, which was revealed at Euronews. Note the people and their clothes, and the characteristic shape of the wall.

AFP photo from the "Syrian" training camp, 17 December 2012

AFP photo from the “Syrian” training camp, 17 December 2012

Euronews - 19th December 2012 - Al Qaeda camp: "Iraqi, Tunisian accent"

Euronews – 19th December 2012 – Al Qaeda camp: “Iraqi, Tunisian accent”

Euronews - the images show the same persons and the typical wall

Euronews – the images show the same persons and the typical wall

Again, for comparison: AP photo of the camp from 17 December 2012

Again, for comparison: AP photo of the camp from 17 December 2012

The result is clear: The scenery is the same. AP sells Al Qaeda fighters deliberately as Syrians.

The German State agency ARD is not different. By the way: Once before we have been able to uncover a propaganda lie by the use of Euronews. In 2011, the German ARD-propagandist Jörg Armbruster had concealed a massacre against Libyan injured in a hospital and he instead has blamed the Libyan army.

Why are AP and AFP (of all things) trying to sell Al Qaeda fighters as “Free Syrian Army” (FSA)?

Al Qaeda is still a “terrorist organisation” with whom the civil rights in NATO can be curtailed gorgeously. This image is, however, a hindrance in the fight against the NATO opponents in the Middle East. Americans and Frenchmen as well as the British are among the driving forces behind the Al Qaeda gang in order to overthrow the Syrian government.

The oil manager Moaz al-Khatib, “appointed” by Hillary Clinton by the use of a open blackmail, and who is even recognized by France as “legitimate representative” of Syria, has already called for an open support of Al Qaeda in Syria:

“The decision to consider a party that is fighting the regime as a terrorist party needs to be reviewed.”

Why is Euronews still able to publish such reports?

The name “Euronews” deceives a little bit. Euronews is an international channel that also belongs to non-EU and Arab, African countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Morocco and of which – apart of France (France Télévisions) – no major powers of the empire holds any shares. But among the owners are Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland, and Turkey.



With the progressive liberation of the Syrian city of Homs from the claws of the NATO- and GCC nations-supported terrorist gangs, the Syrian authorities have an increasingly success to take the criminals into custody and to clear up their crimes.

The Syrian state news agency SANA reported on Saturday, that the terrorist Mazen Majed al-Dabdoub, who has been arrested by the Syrian authorities on the 29th November, has not only confessed that he was involved in crimes such as robbery, theft and murder, but has also admitted that he participated in the in the murder of 9-year-old boy Sari Saoud on 26 November 2011:


Last night, the German TV program “Weltspiegel” of the German television channel ARD was alone devoted to the theme Syria. The reason? An exclusive interview with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, made possible by Mr. Todenhöfer.

It seems that the German state media (in this case the ARD, which also evaluates the “Syria Files” of Wikileaks, why ever.) had to jump on the next propaganda train and also had to show again, how good they are in the further propaganda against Syria, the propaganda machine, that is dictated by NATO.

Mr. Todenhöfer got an appointment with Syrian President Assad for an interview for about 20 minutes. Mr. Todenhöfer used the given time very cleverly while he has chosen his questions also very skillfully, and has brought up all the allegations, which are repeatedly published by the Western mainstream media against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his inner circle.

Bashar al-Assad answered these questions with understandable explanations, no matter how somebody might stand to this man. The German translator for the interview that was conducted in English language was in his own inimitable way perfect for the propaganda by the German state channel ARD.


War in the country and in the ether

The hot war is always prepared with a war against the heads. Also the war against Iran and Syria.

On June 2, the Arab League has closed Arabsat and Nilesat satellites for the Syrian state television, in order that the NATO propaganda of the Qatari ruler channel Al Jazeera and also Al Arabiya are not exposed by the facts of the Syrian side.

War against Journalists

Yesterday morning on 27 June 2012, the Syrian TV station al-Ikhbaryia was attacked.


The German journalist and publicist Christoph Hörstel (Horstel) is in the Syrian capital Damascus since some days. This former Special Correspondent of the German state television channel ARD is very well-known in Germany, but also seen as controversial.

Just like everybody who are trying to deliver information to the people who are not in line with the mainstream opinion / media. For example, Lizzie Phelan, Webster Tarpley, Thierry Meyssan and a new name, Jürgen Todenhöfer (Todenhoefer).

Christoph Hörstel has been a coach for the German ISAF-leaders and also a guest lecturer at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Studies in the city of Hamburg. Christoph Hörstel (Horstel / Hoerstel) became famous when he was the only Western journalist in Kabul in 2001, during the “overthrow of the Taliban” in Afghanistan.


A German Blogger published an impressive analysis of the German state TV “documentary” called “Secretly in Homs” and three other contributions about Syria by this official German TV channel. This Blogger also made an additional analysis of the 16 publications from CNN, which are directly or indirectly related to Syria and the questionable “documentary” by ARD.

The German public service broadcasting has not only huge offerings and services, but also an important essential social function. The German state TV channel ARD has the duty to provide an independent, sustainable and high quality supply to the whole population and to all different age groups in Germany.


Moscow had good reasons why they had rejected the “new” draft resolution by Morocco, based on the Arab League “peace plan” on Syria, at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). For Western citizens it should be also important to read the real content of this draft resolution.

Maybe they understand why Russia wasn`t able to agree on it and has made use of its veto again. Despite good reasons and the truth, which shall finally even reach more and more so-called journalists, the Western media is still constantly following their predetermined line, it doesn`t matter what happened or what will happen.

Everything that serves the intentions of NATO (code name “international community”) is praised by Western media and governments. Every different position, each with its own independent opinion, and every real effort to create peace, gets defamed by these Western media and governments. Propaganda works that way and the media is the most important tool for it.


The German blog “Hinter der Fichte” often publishes articles about the false propaganda, fakes and dubious reports of German media. This time, the author behind this German blog wrote about the common propaganda by the German TV channels NDR and SWR.

It seems that this German blogger is almost convinced that a war against Syria is imminent and that this war is prepared militarily and by the use of typical propaganda. This is also the usual topic on this German blog about media propaganda and fakes – mainly in Germany.

But finally, the guy behind “Hinter der Fichte” thought, that the repeated employment with the propaganda of ARD, one of the German state TV channels, seems ultimately unnecessary when it`s about the reports and real situation on and in Syria. He already published a lot of interesting articles on their way of propaganda with the events and situation in Libya.