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Today, a serious attack against a TV station in Syria took place. The Arab League (AL) kills the freedom of information; its armed wing kills the people of Syria.

The attacks by the terrorists of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and al-Qaeda against the Syria`s media is the command execution of the decision by the Arab League to silence Syria.

The Arab League (ALI) had decided to stop the broadcasting of the Syrian channels on Arabsat and Nilesat – the murderer wants to silence his victims.



Dear Sirs,

I have lived in Syria for more than 40 years, a Christian in a Muslim family, but have never felt so threatened before. There have been many times when trouble here, or war, or differences between the Syrian and British governments have arisen, but I cannot recall any time when the actions of the country I still call home have been so embarrassingly prejudiced.

Syria is not a very well-governed country, and most people complain of the various secret police forces and their power, but for almost everyone almost all the time, life has been secure. I have walked through a city of 5 million people late at night with no thought that it would be unsafe, and the different Muslim and Christian sects have worshipped in their own ways and places with little control. Even the synagogue, now deserted, is protected from damage, and the land abandoned by Jewish emigrants waits for them to reclaim it sometime.