Democracy Turkish-Style: A Party Expels its Leader!

No one envies the Turkish pariah Erdogan these days, he put himself in a very bad position due to his arrogant policies and his dreams to revive the most hated in the region Ottoman caliphate where he, the most hated person in the region dreams to become its absolute caliph. Husni Mahali, prominent Turkish journalist wrote […]

Mad Hatters Meet on Stolen Property & Create Fake Trump Heights on Syria’s Golan

A very tiny meeting of geopolitical mad hatters met on Syria’s Golan on Sunday, 16 June, to name a very tiny bit of the stolen property “Trump Heights.” PM Netanyahu’s tiny gathering came on the heels of his wife’s guilty plea to stealing — er, “misusing” — public funds. Among the many missing from the […]

UK & EU Abolished Democracy – Exit the Brexit

On 23 June 2016, a referendum took place in the UK and was labeled among other terms ‘Brexit’ a short form for ‘Britain Exit the EU’. In case you don’t know what’s a ‘referendum’ don’t worry, one of the leading universities in the UK itself Cambridge University explained it as: Referendum: a vote in which […]

Algeria Expels Reuters Reporter for Spreading Fake News

The Algerian authorities have expelled a Reuters reporter from the country after spreading fake news about clashes with protesters in its capital. Tarek Ammarah is a Tunisian reporter working for Reuters who entered Algeria a couple of days ago to cover the ‘events in the country’, seems not what’s happening but his own agenda. The […]

Who Is The Syrian Regime?

Very hard the USA strategists and their allies in many NATO members states intelligence services worked to get a term that would be attractive to the masses, easy to be used and serves as a demonizing term when the zero hour is determined to launch the Creative Chaos in the Middle East & North Africa, they […]