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SyriaNews editor preface:  This is an important short report from the Syrian Arab News Agency, as it caused the Gulfie toilet Qatar/absolute monarchy owned

Source: SANA: al Jazeera Filming Fake ‘Poisonous Substance’ Attacks | Syria News


Some friends went to Syria with me in April, 2011. It was nothing special because we always traveled to Syria since years, some even travelled to Syria since about 20 years and not only to the tourist places like Damascus, Aleppo and the Syrian coast town Latakia, but also traveling through the whole regions of this country in the Middle East.

We have spent about 2 weeks in Syria and traveled through the country, which means, that we not only stayed in the capital Damascus, but also visited e.g. Aleppo. Of course, we were fully aware of the fact that there are some protests of people in some regions, which was first a surprise that this also happens in Syria, because of some reasons like the fact that the food in Syria was, in contrast to Egypt, always at a level the people could afford; at least, bread and other essential foods. For example a lot of Egyptians are not able to understand why there is any kind of a “revolution” in Syria after telling them the income and prices in Syria.

While we stayed in Syria, we realized that the television channel Al-Jazeera made a hot-spot out of Syria and thus, the “uprising” within Syria became the main event on this Gulf channel. One day we walked through the city of Aleppo and a friend called us. He told us that we better stay away from a main place in Aleppo, because the Qatari television channel Al-Jazeera is broadcasting from this place right now. He said, there is a demonstration against the Syrian regime/government and that we better stay away from this place because it doesn`t look like this protest stays peaceful.


Note: The following is based on research first assembled at the research wiki A Closer Look on Syria, with citations there.

A Golden Gift for Ghalioun

To an almost total extent, the Western world’s news about Syria’s war is written by one set of participants, with the corporate media constantly citing difficult-to-verify reports from “activists” aligned with the opposition Syrian National Congress (SNC). The case of little Sari Saoud is no exception He was just another of many, many victims of the Syrian conflict. In particular, he’s one of the many snuffed out with inhuman tactics in the ongoing propaganda war to secure a Western “humanitarian” crusade against Damascus.

The story as presented is golden – the snipers shot 9-year-old Sari inside Homs, the rebel city, so it can be presumed he was rebel kid. Further, he was a Christian, or at least his mother is, judging by the crucifix necklace the dazzled activist cameraman couldn’t zoom out from. The first news coverage was swift; Al Jazeera showed call-phone video of the dead boy, naked, embraced by his mother on the floor of a somewhat clinical-looking room. As shown just then on activist Internet sites, the announcer described “a mother crying over her son” who “was killed by gunfire from Syrian security forces early today.”


The rather flimsy story about Yasser Arafat and the polonium-210, which has recently been initiated by Al-Jazeera, also raises a number of non-medical issues.

First, it is entirely unclear how such a dazzling idea and such a difficult technically circumstance could, of all things, just come to the minds of the journalists of Al-Jazeera. And this right now.

Second, and this is the more important aspect, Russia has its hand on 98% of the world’s production of polonium. Polonium is not just any rat poison.

Its production is a highly technological process. It is available either in reactors by bombarding bismuth-209 with neutrons, which then decomposes in a line with the formation of polonium-210, or when uranium ore is processed accordingly.


Suddenly and in the depth of a night a Youtube video clip came out by Al Qaeda terrorist organization, Syria Branch, which is a part of the Ottoman Erdogan’s sponsored so called Free Syria Army, claiming a ‘heroic act’ by one of its members, not the one appearing in the video clip, but a ‘Jihadist’ killing the most important security officials in the ‘Crisis Management Cell‘ in Syria.

The video clip was immediately reported by all NATO propaganda media agencies without checking its authenticity, as usual, and in a record speed, as if the future of planet Earth is based on this great event. The most important of those NATO ‘Vuvuzelas’ are Al Jazeera satellite channel, the mouthpiece of Qatar Foreign Ministry, and Al Arabiya, the mouthpiece of Al Jazeera channel! Then throughout all their social media network in a hysterical way, and as an example of how some of the world’s news agencies that relayed this news based on the narrative of these two channels we read:

“..And Abu Muath, the official spokesperson of ‘Kataeb Al Sahaba’, in a tele-conversation with Al Arabiya said, that some of his operatives managed to kill top officers whom form the ‘Crisis Management Cell in Syria’. And he stated that during a meeting of top officials in Conferences Palace in Damascus, the operatives managed to kill them and escaped the scene. He added that one of the field leaders will appear on news media to elaborate about the details of this operation at a later time.

The media spokesperson said: “I dare the Syrian regime to show just one of the crisis cell team members on media”. And Khaled Al Habouss, head of the military council in Damascus city and countryside, ascertained the news in a recorded video aired on news channels.

News media also quoted one of those contributing to planning the operation as saying that ‘Kataeb Al Sahaba’ members managed to kill in a ‘special’ operation: Assif Shawkat, deputy chief of staff of Syrian Army and brother in law of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad – Muhammad Al Shaar, Minister of Interior – Daoud Rajha, minister of Defense – Hassan Tourkmani, Head of Crisis Management Cell and Deputy of Farouq Shara – Major General Hisham Bikhtiyar, Head of National Security and Muhammad Saeed Bkheitan, Assistant National Secretary of Al Baath Party.

As the source has relayed precisely the details of the operation, he refused to show it on media, for security reasons, as he stated. And added that top officers were transported to Al Shami Hospital in the Syrian Capital (Damascus).”

Before we move to the subject of this article, let’s check the text of this news and how it might be believed by simple not informed Arabic or Western audience, but impossible to be digested by a Syrian without refuting it by simply reading the text itself:

– Nobody knows who are the members of the ‘Crisis Management Cell in Syria’ and foreign intelligence agencies could not get to this information, to simply be known by ‘Kataeb Al Sahaba’ members.

– Syria’s top security officials wouldn’t convene at the ‘Conference Palace Hotel’ in Damascus countryside. This is a ridiculing attempt or just making fun of the audiences and at the same time passing a message that Syria’s officials and top officers’ security can be breached by some groups of mercenaries.

– To have some individuals of ‘Kataeb Al Sahaba’ kill Syria’s top officials and security officers then manage to escape… It’s just like one of those fairy tales as Sindbad or Grendizer. .

– All Syrians know that there is nothing as such called ‘field leaders’ of the terrorists because they’re simply not organized, rather they’re bunch of criminals loose, and this implication that they’re organized is just to cover the fact proved since beginning of crisis in Syria that there’s no organized substitute to the Syrian government, therefore they’re trying to create one out of nothing.

– Their media spokesperson said: “I dare the Syrian Regime to show just one of the cell members on media”.. and the Syrian state TV showed not one but 2 members later on the same day, Minister of Interior and the Assistant to Deputy President, and next day a third official was interviewed by a newspaper!

– Why would the Minister of Defense be part of the ‘Crisis Management Cell’ as they claimed if the Deputy Chief of Staff of Syrian Army is a member of it, especially it’s known to everybody that the Syrian Minister of Defense is specialized in missiles?!

– If the meeting and the attack on it occurred in the Conferences Palace Hotel, Damascus Airport Road in Damascus Countryside, why would the victims be transferred to the farther hospital at the other side of the capital, which is Al Shami Hospital? And not to Al Assad University Hospital which is more advanced and much closer to the proposed site, just a few minutes away? And why transporting ‘dead’ bodies to a private hospital at the first place and reserving two floors of the hospital, as the same NATO media stations mentioned in later reports?!

If all the above automatic refuting, which occurred in every Syrian who watched, is not enough, read further:

– It’s a long time habit for Syrian security officers not to appear on any media whatever it is and whatever the reason is, and we can simply notice that, for example, all media use a single old photo of General Assif Shawkat, the same picture used by non-Syrian media for more than 10 years, if not much more. And this is a very old feature Syrian security officials are known to adopt.

– In the very recent days leading to the issuing of this rumor, the terrorists lost big in numbers, and the killing of their second in command Colonel Bassam Sanbaki was a very big hit that shook them profoundly, and this is known to Syrians through following up different unofficial media. And in the following article (in Arabic) we note how the terrorists guise the name of the Colonel Bassam Sanbaki as a soldier defected in an obituary, and they don’t state his rank nor post in a pathetic attempt to reduce the shock as much as they can, and this is yet another proof that they’re not an organized body as I explained above. But just a look at the content of this obituary article we can estimate their losses during this period: (

– Syrians throughout their recent history managed to develop a very strong immunity towards psychological and media propaganda and warfare, and they have a vast experience in this field, while the latest crisis has benefited them substantially, therefore, whatever news relayed by media agencies known of its anti-Syrian stance doesn’t produce any echo at the Syrian citizen, except to mock such news and such agencies, which we noticed through their initial reactions to this piece.

– The way the news of alleged assassinations was presented specifically by Al Jazeera & Al Arabiya anchors, and the overwhelming obvious joy they showed while reading this news and commenting on it, while they certainly wouldn’t show such joy if the slain officers were israelis for instance, this way gave those Syrians still watching these two channels a feeling of disgust, with all the disgust meaning of the word, from these ‘Vuvuzelas’, and their pathetic attempt to market a killing of a Syrian officer, whomever he was and whatever post he held, in a joyful way and a cause to celebrate by any Syrian, this pathetic attempt failed wretchedly miserably, and the fact that we don’t understand their such continuous attempts except like an attempt of a drowning person hanging to a floating straw.

The above leads us to the reason of spreading this rumor and at this particular time was among other reasons to:

1- Lift the devastated morality of the leftover terrorists on the ground inside the country, especially that they’re realizing they’re time is over while the nation is achieving one milestone after another in its political reform process, and just this week the successful parliament elections and the convening of the first parliament session was one of these milestones, while the rumor was meant to distort if not prevent this session from occurring.

2- To push the Syrian government to show its mentioned security officials on media to refute this rumor. And if we just look how many rumors spread by NATO propaganda and been refuted already till date, just refuting another rumor would not lessen the credibility of these news channels, as they’ve already consumed it completely, rather what was required is obtaining new pictures of these officers in order to use it in cheap ways as for direct targeting, or using it in signs raised by protesters in remote villages in a satire method, to direct insults to their persons, and to provoke them in one way or another.

3- Devastating the citizens morality through spreading fear and chaos rumors, and trying to prolong the crisis as much as possible to raise the roof of demands in the negotiated declaration of Syria’s victory.

4- The continuous attempt of targeting the symbols of the nation, and here we see the special concentration on the brother in law of the president, which falls in line with all previous continuous pathetic attempts to target the Syrian flag, Syrian map, the Syrian Army, and Syrian security they named ‘Shabeeha’ since hte beginning of riots, then to target the person of the Syrian president and his family.

The reaction of the Syrian government to this rumor was like all previous reactions, institutional and brilliant, we see the refuting of it by the Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson for those foreigners interested, then showing 3 officials whom are politicians whom have usual presence over the media and not the security officers, to fail one of the main reasons of the rumor. Minister of Interior Muhammad Al Shaar and Asst. Deputy to the President Hassan Turkmani appeared on TV, then the Country’s Assistant Leader of Baath Party, and those are three officials and not only one, as the terrorists’ spokesperson laid to the government of showing just a single member of the ‘cell’.

If all the above is found still unconvincing to some readers, then such readers would have nothing to convince them, just because they don’t want to see the truth and prefer to be tools in hands of Syria’s enemies to assist in executing what enemies of humanity failed to execute throughout time.

“They fool you, they keep fooling you, and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s just because you’re Foolable”

The above is the translation of the same post in Arabic

فجأة خرج علينا فيلم فيديو مسرب ليلاً من قبل تنظيم القاعدة فرع سورية التابع لما يسمى الجيش السوري الحر والمدعوم من قبل نظام أردوغان العثماني ليتحدث عن بطولة أحد عناصره، غير الذي يتكلم في الفيديو، عن تمكن أحد “مجاهديه” من قتل أهم مسؤولين أمنيين سوريين في خلية “إدارة الأزمة” في سورية.

الخبر تناقلته وسائل إعلام منظمة حلف شمال الأطلسي “الناتو” من دون التأكد من صحته، كالعادة، بسرعة قياسية وعلى كافة وسائلها وكأن مستقبل الكرة الأرضية متعلق بهذا الحدث الجلل. ومن أهم أبواق الناتو محطتي “الجزيرة” الناطق الرسمي بإسم وزارة الخارجية القطرية، ومحطة “العربية” الناطقة الرسمية بإسم قناة “الجزيرة” القطرية! ومن ثم كافة وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي عبر الانترنت بشكل هستيري، ومثال على ما أوردته وكالات الأنباء نقلاً عن هاتين القناتين التالي:

وقال أبو معاذ، الناطق الرسمي باسم “كتائب الصحابة”، في اتصال هاتفي مع “العربية”، إن عناصر تابعة له تمكّنت من قتل كبار الضباط الذين يشكلون “خلية إدارة الأزمة في سورية”. وأوضح أنه أثناء اجتماع كبار الضباط في قصر المؤتمرات بدمشق، تمكّن بعض العناصر من قتلهم ولاذوا بالفرار، موضحاً أن أحد القادة الميدانيين سيظهر على وسائل الإعلام للحديث عن تفاصيل العملية في وقت لاحق.

وقال الناطق الإعلامي: “أتحدى النظام السوري أن يظهر أحد من أفراد خلية الأزمة على وسائل الإعلام”. وأكد خالد الحبوس، رئيس المجلس العسكري في دمشق وريفها، الخبر عبر تسجيل مصور بث على وسائل الإعلام.

ونقلت وسائل إعلام عن أحد الذين شاركوا في التخطيط للعملية قوله إن عناصر “كتائب الصحابة” تمكّنت من آصف شوكت نائب رئيس الأركان وزوج شقيقة الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد ومحمد الشعار وزير الداخلية وداود راجحة وزير الدفاع وحسن تركماني رئيس خلية الأزمة ونائب فاروق الشرع واللواء هشام بختيار رئيس مكتب الأمن القومي ومحمد سعيد بخيتان الأمين القطري المساعد لحزب البعث، في عملية وصفها بـ”النوعية”.

وفيما روى المصدر تفاصيل العملية بدقة، رفض عرضها على وسائل الإعلام، لأسباب “أمنية”، حسب زعمه. وأضاف أن كبار الضباط تم نقلهم إلى مشفى الشامي في العاصمة السورية.

قبل الانتقال لموضوع هذه المقالة لنبحث قليلاً في نص هذا الخبر وكيف يمكن أن يمر على متابع عربي بسيط أو متابع غربي لا يعلم ولكن من المستحيل أن يمر على سوري دون أن يفنده بقراءة نص الخبر:

– لا أحد لديه أي علم من هم أعضاء “خلية إدارة الأزمة في سورية” ولم تتوصل مخابرات الدول الأجنبية لهذه المعلومة حتى يتوصل لها عناصر تابعة لكتائب الصحابة.

– لن يجتمع كبار ضباط الأمن في سورية في قاعة في فندق “قصر المؤتمرات” في دمشق، فهذا استسخاف أو تسخيف للمشاهد ومحاولة توجيه رسائل مبطنة أن ضباط سورية ومسؤوليها يمكن خرق أمنهم من قبل مجموعة مرتزقة.

– أن يتمكن بعض العناصر من “كتائب الصحابة” من قتل كبار ضباط ومسؤولي سورية ثم يلوذوا بالفرار… فهذا أقرب لقصص سندباد وغرندايزر..

– جميع السوريين يعرفون أنه ليس هناك ما يسمى “قادة ميدانيين” للإرهابيين لأنهم ليسوا تنظيماً إنما فوضى مجرمين وهذا الإيحاء أنهم منظمون هو ما تلعب عليه المحطات الموجهة منذ بداية الأزمة، وخاصة أن الأحداث تثبت في كل يوم أنه لا يوجد أي بديل ممكن أن يحكم في سورية ويحاولون أن يخلقوا بديلاً من لا شيء.

– قال ناطقهم الإعلامي: “أتحدى النظام السوري أن يظهر أحد من أفراد خلية الأزمة على وسائل الإعلام”.. وقد أظهر التلفزيون الرسمي السوري شخصين من أفراد الأزمة، وزير الداخلية ومعاون نائب رئيس الجمهورية وفي اليوم التالي ظهر شخص ثالث من أفراد الأزمة في مقابلة مع صحيفة!

وإذا كان كل هذا الدحض التلقائي في ذهنية المواطن السوري لا يكفي فلنقرأ التالي:

– من عادة المسؤولين الأمنيين السوريين عدم الظهور على أي وسيلة إعلامية مهما كانت، وهنا نستطيع ببساطة أن نلاحظ مثلاً استخدام صورة وحيدة للعماد آصف شوكت تستخدمها كافة وسائل الاعلام الغير سورية منذ ما لا يقل عن 10 سنوات اذا لم يكن أكثر من ذلك بكثير، وهذه سمة يتميز بها المسؤولون الأمنيون السوريون منذ زمن طويل جداً.

– خسر الارهابيون أعداداً كبيرة من أفرادهم في الآونة الأخيرة وما قتل ثاني مسؤول لديهم الأسبوع السابق في ريف دمشق المدعو العقيد بسام السنبكي إلا ضربة هزت كيانهم بشكل كبير، وهذا معلوم للمواطنين السوريين من خلال متابعاتهم على وسائل التواصل المختلفة الغير رسمية. ونلاحظ في هذه المقالة كيف يخفون اسم العقيد بسام السنبكي على أنه عسكري منشق ولا يحددون مهامه بشكل واضح للتخفيف من الصدمة ولكن بالنظر لمحتوى المقالة نعرف حجم خسائرهم في تلك الفترة. (

– تمكن السوريون من تنمية مناعة قوية جداً ضد الحرب النفسية والإعلامية عبر الزمن ولهم خبرة طويلة في هذا المجال والأزمة الأخيرة أفادتهم بشكل كبير، لهذا ما يصدر عن وسائل إعلام معروفة بتيارها المعادي لسورية لا تلقى أي صدى لدى المواطن السوري إلا من باب التهكم وهذا ما لاحظناه من ردات الفعل الأولية.

– إن طريقة تقديم خبر الاغتيالات من قبل مذيعي قناتي العربية والجزيرة حصراً بطريقة وكأنهم يحتفلون وبريق الفرح واضح في أعينهم عند قراءة الخبر والتعليق عليه واضح بشكل فاضح، ولن يكونوا بهذا الفرح لو كان المغتالون فرضياً من ضباط العدو الإسرائيلي بالتأكيد، هذه الطريقة أعطت ما تبقى من المواطنين السوريين المتابعين لهاتين القناتين قرفاً بكل ما تعنيه الكلمة من هؤلاء الأبواق. ومحاولتهم تسويق أن قتل ضابط سوري أياً كان وأياً كانت مسؤولياته تفرح أياً من السوريين باءت بفشل ذريع مريع فظيع ولا نفهم سبب استمرارهم بهذه المحاولات البائسة سوى الغريق الذي يتمسك بقشة.

من هذا نلاحظ أن سبب بث هذه الشائعة وفي هذا التوقيت بالذات من جملة ما يهدف للتالي:

1- رفع المعنويات المنهارة للعناصر الإرهابية المتبقية على الأرض داخل القطر، وخاصة أن الوقت ينفد لديهم وأن البلد ينجز استحقاقاً ضخماً تلو الآخر وما استحقاق انتخاب مجلس الشعب وعقد دورته إلا من ضمن هذه الاستحقاقات الضخمة وكان الهدف من هذه الشائعة التشويش إن لم يكن ضرب هذه الاستحقاق، أي عقد أولى جلسات مجلس الشعب، من أساسها.

2- دفع الحكومة السورية لإظهار المسؤولين الأمنيين المذكورين على وسائل الإعلام لتأكيد نفي الخبر، وإذا ما حسبنا عدد الأخبار التي تم نفيها حتى الآن بالإثبات فإن إثبات خبر إضافي كهذا فلا ينتقص من قيمة مصداقية المعارضين والإرهابيين ومن يدعمهم إعلامياً لأنهم استهلكوا القيمة كاملةً، وكان المطلوب هو الحصول على صور جديدة لهؤلاء المسؤولين لاستخدامها في أساليب منحطة من مثل الاستهداف المباشر واستخدام هذه الصور في لافتات ووسائل الإعلام المعادية لتوجيه الإهانات لشخوصهم ومحاولة استفزازهم بشكل أو بآخر.

3- ضرب نفسية المواطنين من خلال بث شائعات الخوف والفوضى ومحاولة تمديد فترة الأزمة حتى يرتفع سقف المفاوضات على التسليم بنصر سورية.

4- استمرار محاولات النيل من رموز الوطن وهنا كبار مسؤوليه والتركيز على صهر الرئيس لا يخرج عن سياق محاولات بائسة للنيل من العلم السوري وخريطة سورية والجيش السوري والأمن السوري الذي سموه من أول يوم بالشبيحة ومن ثم محاولات النيل من شخص الرئيس وعائلته.

 رد فعل الحكومة السورية لهذه الشائعة كان رداً مؤسساتياً وذكياً بامتياز ونلاحظ النفي على لسان الناطق باسم وزارة الخارجية للمهتمين في الخارج، وأظهر ثلاثة من المسؤولين المذكورين وهم مسؤولين سياسيين ولهم ظهور بشكل مستمر على وسائل الإعلام، وزير الداخلية اللواء محمد الشعار والعماد حسن توركماني معاون نائب رئيس الجمهورية، ومن ثم ظهر محمد سعيد بخيتان الأمين القطري المساعد لحزب البعث، وهؤلاء ثلاثة مسؤولين وليس فقط واحد كما تحدى “الناطق باسم المجلس العسكري” أعلاه.

إذا كان ما أوردناه أعلاه غير مقنع لأحد القرّاء، فلن يقنع هذا القارئ شيء لأنه لا يريد أن يرى الحقيقة ويفضل أن يكون الإمّعة أداة بيد أعداء الأمة لتنفيذ مخططات لم يستطيعوا تنفيذها عبر الزمن.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re Foolable

I’m sorry if I missed some in the above banner, there are so many of them and don’t have time nor space for all of them, but the above are the leading worst of the rest.

“If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed” Mark Twain.

Shock and Awe, your enemy won’t have time to grasp their breaths, so does your citizens, keep moving them from a conflict to another and they will keep supporting you. The Shock and Awe doesn’t only apply on your enemies as you see, it applies on your people, your allies, foes, and no thanks to the mainstream media propaganda which keeps you on your feet awaiting to hear achievements and victories without questioning the credibility or source of information you are fed 24/7 non-stop.

Let’s guess who controls the mainstream media? Well, let’s not guess, it’s all over the net now. I invite you NOT to read this article (Controlling Most US Media), it’s a bit outdated but nevertheless the info it contains has barely changed.

Do you believe in Conspiracy Theory? Of course you don’t, you are not stupid, this is only for the silly, naive and shallow people, you are much more sophisticated than such stuff and you don’t want to look dumb among your friends, nobody believes the Conspiracy Theory because the world is only led by the good people and nobody ever plans anything, especially in Free Media (you won’t click the link under Free Media because you don’t believe in the silly Conspiracy Theory thing). But maybe you should spend 20 minutes reading what’s in this article and comparing to your surroundings: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Now back to our story, when the Shock and Awe fails and the conflict takes more time, people will start thinking, they’re not supposed to, but what to do, it’s a human nature, and you have to deal with it, in this case the only solution lies with Mainstream Media, you control it, or those who control it are your allies, ask them to intensify their propaganda, each news bulletin should have at least a line or two in its headlines about your cause, analysts should be available to discuss your point of view, you can accept some criticism but make sure those criticizing you don’t have the last words, bring someone to ridicule their replies and carry on, reports should be available, and if you don’t have news: create some for God sake.. Your plans will fail if the public starts asking questions.

With the introduction of social media and then citizen journalists who needs to verify credibility, so many blogs I personally wrote about the use of these tools to carry out the media campaign to justify the cause of demonizing your enemy then justifying their killings. The audience when they keep flipping from one news outlet to another to find the same news of such: “dictator killing own people’ and ‘public uprisings brutally oppressed by tyrants’ they’ll have no other choice but to buy such stuff, nobody would care to search for the other side of the story, so many sides your friends in mainstream media are providing, and if you don’t believe it there’re plenty of Youtube videos to prove it, and it just happens that all these videos (over 64,000 in the case of Syria) are so much filling the pattern: shaky videos from mobile phones, breathless citizens running across the streets, so much blood everywhere, sounds of explosions, and if that’s not available make it!

Some examples in the Libyan case were the so many times Saif ulislam Gaddafi was arrested before he was actually arrested, and his brother Khamis was so many times killed before he was actually killed, or maybe not..! The anti-Gaddafi protests and rebels reaching Bab Alaziziya in Benghazi and Doha in Qatar that looks similar to the real one in Tripoli, Libya.. and so on. Al Jazeera’s Fake Green Square. (for example)

Fake Green Squares Shown on Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera tried to do the same in Syria by building miniatures similar to known sites in different cities of the country and fake demonstrations near it, their infamous try was with the miniature of the Clock Tower in Homs which some real activists blew the attempt when comparing the real Clock Tower with the fake ones that kept appearing on this NATO mouthpiece.

And here is where the Shock and Awe failed. The prolonged conflict in Syria gave time to many to revise and compare news aired on mainstream media with the actual ones, and the same Al Jazeera in coordination with its sister channel Al Arabiya exposed themselves when they were given information that the Zero hour in Syria is imminent and simultaneously both channels started broadcasting on an early Friday news of tens of thousands of anti-Assad protesters fill two mains squares in Damascus city, the Abbasid and Ommayad squares, thinking by this they’re giving the signal to NATO stooges to flood these two squares and at the same time to push those curious to go there to see for themselves then there will be ready planted ‘activists’ who will be filming any crowd, airing the same via satellite connections on those two pathetic channels who in turn will magnify the picture same like what they did with the initial Tahrir square (the article was manipulated later by Al Arabiya & the link image mentioned in it that shows stitching of several images to give impression of huge crowds, the image was removed for unknown reason), they failed because those plotting are not Syrians and not aware of so much of reality not starting with the laziness of Syrians on a Friday morning that nothing would move them other than bringing Foul or Fattah ingredients, no politics, no NATO and nothing else would cause a Syrian to gather anywhere on a Friday morning, then the main punch to their plot was the fact that the Syrian state tv’s head quarters is in the centre of Ommayad Square itself, overseeing all 7 main roads branching from the square from a single angle, and that on Friday morning there’s a live tv programme, and the fact that all Syrians know this pushed them to switch from Al Jazeera & Arabiya channels immediately to Syrian tv to see from the studio how that lie was exposed, furthermore, the presenters were notified of the fake news aired on those two pathetic channels, and the presenters would look over their shoulders onto the square to see how normal lazy Friday morning cars are moving that time, and the TV crews were immediately dispatched to the streets of both squares to interview people who ridiculed that step, a final punch to the two stations credibility.

What's left of the original image on the net, the original one was hundreds of times bigger than this

Another pathetic attempt was by the French France24 channel that cut a live cross talk show to announce the resignation of the Syrian Ambassador to France Ms. Lamia Shakkour because of the ‘brutal oppression by president Assad’s regime’ as they put it, then to receive a fake phone from someone claiming to be Ms. Shakkour, just like a drama show, and at the end had to deny the story after receiving a harsh criticism by Ms. Shakkour in a press conference and the ambassador’s threats to file a legal case against the channel. This pathetic attempt was meant to embarrass the ambassador and encourage, as they thought, other ambassadors to resign worldwide, such attempt didn’t live more than 20 minutes (Al Jazeera channel insists on the resignation while the ambassador was on phone with Syrian state tv denouncing such news as cheap). And just for the record, this attempt was on June 8, 2011 and  till date there’s not a single resignation of any Syrian ambassador worldwide, nor any diplomat to the level of 3rd secretary in a consulate!

Shocking propaganda isn’t limited to cheap channels receiving such crap, digesting it and feeding the digested crap to their Sheeple audience, when there’s no crap to broadcast they create it! It’s difficult to believe because who would risk credibility for propaganda? Not when the prize is destroying Syria and not if they thought they can get away with it, and intelligence agencies informed them that the Syrian ‘regime’ would fall in few days so they went for the plot to the extent that a prominent US news channel actually plotted destroying oil pipelines in Homs in direct coordinating with terrorists to accuse the Syrian army of shelling them to punish the people. This channel, CNN, was defaced by the Syrian state tv and I discussed in an earlier post (CNN Knew About September 11 Attacks 16 Hours Earlier).

A reporter for Al Jazeera using high-tech satellite devices spies on the Libyan Army communication in this report and brags about it, remember that Colonel Gaddafi was demonized a long while ago and therefore it’s fine to spy on his forces by a ‘Journalist’ who shares the information with ‘freedom fighters’, then don’t wonder why such reporters become targets in retaliations by regular forces tracing the spying devices:


The role such mainstream media plays is vital for NATO, they’re spies, they can reach places without suspicion, can smuggle communication devices to insurgents duped ‘freedom fighters’ and contributes to the military aggression. Their role is not only to demonize foes, but moved into an uglier phase of actually contributing to the military actions and sabotage.

You can understand the decision of Syrian government to expel foreign reporters from Syria at the beginning of riots in the country last year and then allowing selective reporters to enter, even those who entered based on pressure on the Syrian government by the UN and non-governmental organizations (other NATO tools), those reporters manipulated reports, interviews, and even when sending unbiased reports to their stations, the stations do not broadcast their reports, the same thing that happened with Al Arabiya reporter Hanna Houshan several times and was scolded by Syrian Foreign Minister Mr. Moallem on several occasions for the same.

Yet, the most alarming interview distorted by a foreign prominent news channel was the one ABC News reporter Barbara Walters did with president Assad himself and doctored, edited, distorted the whole interview before was forced to air the original full unedited interview after the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson showed them that they have a copy of the same interview in full..! (Check it here).

The BBC had its share in Syria’s crisis and again put its credibility at risk just for the sake of promoting propaganda on Syria, despite willingly and fully knowing the level of deception it’s involved in, but still takes accounts of terrorists and their lies at its shows with no shame and no responsibility and no respect to its own image and the sacrifices of many of its own reporters in shaping that image. In an earlier post I explained how the BBC Promoted a Terrorists to a Victim.

The Guardian has proved to be a mouthpiece for the criminals, you can see interviews with convicted criminals on it criminalizing others, who usually are the subject of the demonizing policy, and if you as a reader try to point out the fact that the interviewed is a convicted criminal they delete your comment, ban you from further comments and sends you a nasty email reminding you with their Community Standards! This happened with me personally when I commented once on an interview with Ali Sadr Al Din Bayanoni, a convicted terrorist and head of an outlaw terrorists organization (as per the records of his native country), who named the sitting Syrian president Bashar Al Assad with all bad names he could dig from his vocabulary he learned from his gangs including calling the Syrian president a criminal and a thug and other bad words, they deleted my comment and reminded me that it’s against their community standards to call a writer of their articles a criminal!!

Reuters reporter on Syria, a Jordanian citizen Mr. Oweis was arrested by Syrian authorities at the beginning of the riots in Syria for faking a report on the events and putting words in an injured soldier’s mouth to show him as saying that he was shot by fellow officers for refusing to shoot at peaceful protesters when the injured soldier was shouting with the loudest faint voice he could that the shots he received were from the protesters side he’s facing and not from his back. The reporter’s bad luck was when a Syrian tv reporter was next close to him and recorded the incident on his own camera, and when all news houses taking reports from Reuters aired the doctored interview where the soldier’s voice can’t be heard clearly and only the reporter’s voice is heard putting words in the soldier’s mouth, the Syrian TV aired the film recorded by its own staff showing the Reuters reporter and the real dialogue that happened! ABC News of Australia learned a lesson after airing a Reuters report on Syria and here is what they had to say:

There’s nothing called Free Media, whoever pays for the media house either by shareholders contribution or by advertisements controls to a very large extent the strategy of these media houses. Do you think social media is more credible as unbiased free speech supporters providing you with a platform to voice your opinion? Think again. At least with the Syrian issue where we see and been seeing Facebook deleting continuously a page dedicated for a real Free Speech supporting Syrian youth group calling themselves The Syrian Electronic Army over 150 times by now and as soon as the page appears back again, accusing them of showing disturbing images, while they keep another page called ‘The Syrian Revolution Against Bashar Al Assad’ which shows bodies slashed into pieces, beating by terrorists in army uniforms to accuse the Syrian army, and so on, this is not of course, in their scale, against their community standards. They once deleted a picture I posted of a US Army soldier bragging on top of a dead boy’s body in Afghanistan claiming it ‘violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities’, again while they keep supporting the same page that is working to demonize the Syrian president:

The Weapons of Mass Deception have much more damaging effects than those of Mass Destruction, they destroy the brain in addition to animalizing the human or in better words: producing the Sheeple audience.

We Warned You

In 1996 came the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera on the Air. Since then, the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera had an incredibly successful development and blossomed into one of the most important sources, even by American and European news channels.

At least since the Qatari Al-Jazeera was always able to stream videos and audio materials of the allegedly dead terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, the reputation of the channel grew immeasurably. The Qatari news channel knew how to sell them, and has used their coverage of Palestine and the Israeli occupation forces to quickly gain importance and credibility in the Arab world.

One puts a-Jazeera likely on the same level as CNN or BBC, because Al-Jazeera seems to report relatively open about crisis regions. Of course, there is no news about negative headlines from Qatar at Al-Jazeera and too shocking reports about the Gulf region are also missing too often.


Just a small post to give you a hint on how media consumes, digests and passes the crap to the audience in just 2 words.

Today, I was looking for news on Syria and suddenly I kept seeing the same words repeated in so many places: “Syria scuttles” and when I searched for these exact 2 words, this is what I found:

Yes, that’s typical for Google search engine, but shouldn’t be typical for journalism, it’s not NEWS, it’s an interpretation of a news, the news should go as: “Syria demands written ‘guarantee’ from armed groups” and if you go by the official Syrian government narrative it goes: “Syria Agreed to Annan’s Plan as it Respects its Sovereignty” then adds “Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mr. Makdessi added that Annan’s speeches at the UN Security Council were interpreted that Syria has pledged to withdraw troops from cities on April 10th, affirming that it is a wrong interpretation, especially that Annan has not offered written guarantees to the Syrian government that the armed groups agreed to stop violence, nor has he offered guarantees that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey will commit to stop funding and arming terrorist groups.” (Check the source here)

And here is how some news agencies have reported it:

33,400 results for "Syria Demands" in the past 24 hours

That’s only to show there’s negativity on behalf of the Syrian government and not to show that the ‘rebels ACTUALLY rejected to give guarantees’ because they’re NATO’s angels on the ground, and that they would stay outlawed and they’ll continue to fight government’s police, security and army posts & personnel, take a look on how many search results returned for ‘Rebels Rejected’:

143 results for "Syrian rebels reject" - note the titles of the articles

You shouldn’t know that the rebels rejected, and in case someone had to highlight this news they’ll not give it to you as it is, they have to play with the title to give you an impression that ‘rebels’ had to ‘reject’ to keep undermining the Syrian state’s legitimacy.

Don’t laugh while you take a look at the below image showing the positive news that Syrian government ACTUALLY agreed to Annan’s plan and requested written guarantees, then concentrate on Huffington Post’s title how it doesn’t mention Syrian government agreement and includes it in the body of the article only:

51 results in the past 24 hours for Syria Agreed (check the last one though: "Has Syria agreed..?"!!

Did you get it?

“They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, but because you’re ‘Foolable'”

3 different verifiable trusted sources, if you don’t have them don’t air the story; if you have to air the story with less than 3 different verifiable trusted sources just make sure you mention it in the disclaimer at the beginning and at the end. Sounds familiar? That was the old days of professional journalism, not any more.

A shaky mobile video with low camera resolution, some sound effects, and lots of movements, by a ‘somebody’, could be a ‘citizen journalist’, an ‘eye witness’, an ‘activist’, just ‘anybody’ as far as it serves the purpose; this is the replacement of journalism today.

Reliable and well established news houses would refer to the first option above to preserve their professionalism and their credibility, but the price sometimes is much more worth than credibility, if you don’t add drama and action to your stories, people would shift to where they can find it, people want to see blood, atrocities, crimes, the highest watched are the most violence, some very few would still want to hear good news.

To add some spices to your news, bring on ‘analysts’ to discuss from their point of experience what’s really happening to the audience who are too lazy to work their brains to analyse themselves and would prefer a fast meal of junk news, then ask to recruit some people of public desire like celebrities, clerics even fortune tellers so your story gets more attention and more talks, who cares whether it’s true or not? People want action and fiction so just give them what they want.

First, I’ll advise you to take a look at how journalism is supposed to be based on by reading the Society of Professional Journalists: Code of Ethics. Then when you are ready, come back here and check the following example.

The following is just one example out of tens of thousands that are polluting our environment with propaganda in a systematic way just to serve the same parties, those who ignite strife amongst ‘rogue nations’ citizens, then cry because of the bloodshed, then interfere to stop the bloodshed by shedding much more blood than would ever occur by its own, then crying again to get the rebuilding contracts.

He tweets: “#Syria Statistics 383 Days: Killed:12,460 Children:882 Females:773 Soldiers:1,089 Missing:+65,000 Tortured to death:491 Arrested:+212,000” and he’s literally nobody, but has 4,826 followers as of now, and this ‘tweet’ gets 50+ retweets (Twitter doesn’t count beyond 50 retweets, this figure could be hundreds) then this is followed by another tweet: “The source of the Syrian casualty/ arrest stat is an independent Swedish journalist SyrienNyheter

Then someone smarter would ask: “and what are his sources? i mean, is that independent journo in Sweden or Syria?”

Reply: “He’s done the count himself. He’s been covering it since beginning.”

And who is this super journalist that can count by himself: “12,460 killed out of which he was able to identify 882 children and 773 females (I assume adult females), 1,089 Soldiers (killed by who?), he also counted over +65,000 missing, 491 tortured to death and over 212,000 arrested”? Let’s assume he did all this counting in 383 days, where is he doing the counting and who is this super independent Swedish journalist?

He’s anonymous, and if an independent Swedish journalist why is he being an anonymous? and why would an ‘independent Swedish journalist’ use the NATO backed oppositions flag in his avatar?! and if this is not credible enough, from where is he sourcing his information and statistics?  Don’t guess much, he stated it on his own profile, it’s from Bassam Al Baghdadi, an Iraqi writer living in Stockholm, Sweden and counting the Syrian casualties!

If you find the above not stupid enough to base your news thus judgement on, take a look at the following image:

It's a Top Tweet by a guy sitting in Kabul, Afghanistan!

A nobody sitting in his tent in Kabul, Afghanistan with let me assume, some NATO technology to stay connected from there, reporting news about Syria, basing his reports on an ‘independent Swedish journalist’ who happens to be another nobody sitting in Stockholm, Sweden who did the counting of casualties himself by sourcing his information from an Iraqi writer living in Stockholm, Sweden! There you have your 3 credible sources. Go ahead and shoot it at the public.

Wait, before you leave, you need to make it public attracting, and you need a celebrity. There’s plenty of them, here’s one:

I’m sure Mia Farrow is not involved out of her sudden love to the Syrian people, otherwise she would have done something to stop the unilateral sanctions imposed on the Syrian people by the same powers crying for the Syrian people.

There is killing in Syria, there is a crisis there, but the questions everybody should ask are: Who is doing the killing? Who are the victims? How can over 3,000 soldiers be killed and by who? Surely not by some chants of ‘peaceful protesters’. Who did the many suicide bombings Al Qaeda style in Aleppo and Damascus? Who benefits from the killings in Syria? Should we accept that NATO destroys Syria like they did in Libya, devastate the country, kill tens of thousands of Syrians like they killed over 120,000 Libyans (Libya’s population is 9.6 million or was living on over 1.75 million square kilometres comparing with 24 million Syrians living on 185,000 sq. kms) to come one year later and say: “No Evidence That Gaddafi Fired On His Own People

Or like the Iraqi case still looking for those Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction that caused the deaths of over a 1 million Iraqi, displacement of 4 million internally and across the borders, and sending the country to pre-Stone age.

As I say always: They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s just because you are ‘Foolable’.

We Warned You