Aleppo: New Atrocities by Erdogan, Qatar, & NATO Terrorists

Another savage attack against Aleppo by terrorists supported by Erdogan, Qatar, US, EU — and now also officially by the Holy See — murder 3, injured 15, and destroyed cars and property, 24 July. Two of the martyrs are children. This carnage follows the terror attacks of Monday. The Nusra faction of al Qaeda against Syria […]

Britain Foolishly Granted Iran the Control Over Strait of Hormuz

Ironically it was the dumb foolish childish act of piracy by the British ‘Royal Navy’ of the Iranian shipment and ship that gave Iran the tools it needed to stretch its muscles in the Strait of Hormuz. Later rejecting to defuse the problem by negotiations and instead of releasing the ship, Britain escalated the conflict by announcing […]

Aleppo: Glorious Rebuilding, Despite Illicit Western ‘Sanctions’

Aleppo is currently engaged in massive rebuilding, reconstruction, and returning to its former beauty. Despite the wretched and illicit ‘sanctions‘ imposed by the same colonial states which have funded and armed terrorists and then criminally bombed the country, the city is engaged in the resurrection of beauty and creativity.   In al-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City, almost […]

Breaking: Bomb Explosion Near Church of the Virgin Mary in Qamishli

Breaking news: A car bomb was remotely detonated near the Church of the Virgin Mary, in Qamishli, Syria, a short while ago. Multiple injuries have been reported, in addition to material damage. Details have not been released.  No sectarian faction of terrorists committed to the attempted final solution against Syria has taken credit for this cowardly, bloody, […]

Ghouta One Year Later: Springtime is Restored

One year after cleaning the Damascus Ghouta from terrorists, the orchids are restoring their springtime and life is alive again. Tens of thousands of US-sponsored, Gulfies financed and Western criminal politically covered terrorists were removed from the source of life for the Syrian capital and the world’s oldest continuous civilization Damascus. Watch the video… Continue reading: […]

Iran to Reach the Mediterranean through Iraq and Syria Railway

Iran will get to the Mediterranean bypassing the dangerous waters of ever challenged Strait of Hormuz, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, and the Suez Canal, where US satellite states and US Navy are present and threatening this ancient trade route. The US sanctions imposed on Iran and Syria and the invasion of […]