‘Syrian Civil War’: British Terrorists, US Troops, and Western Hostages!

Syrian Civil War, for more than 8.5 years the Western pundits paint the crisis in Syria as a civil war, really? See how it could be anything else except a civil war. A Civil War is ‘a war between citizens of the same country.’ Google’s Dictionary says. Wikipedia puts it like this: ‘A civil war, also known as an […]

Saudi Arabia Begging to be Bombed Again by Yemen, but Harder!

Saudi Arabia, the US best servant in the world, is calling on, say begging, the Yemeni Armed Forces to carry out further retaliation against its territories and valuable asset, we have no clue who played their minds to sacrifice their regime, also their country this way? Maybe their time is over and their task needs […]

Censorship of Mainstream Media Moves On to ‘Alternative Media’

Censorship will definitely be the new way to go by those who control the narrative in Mainstream Media, especially on their owned platforms, they’re not even trying to conceal this, they’re bragging about it. If promoting LGBTQ, blasphemy, Zionism, Wahhabism, and New Nazism is allowed, why claim they have high morality over other issues? If our […]

The Entirety of Northern Hama Countryside is Clean from NATO Terrorists

After weeks of fierce battles with the worse enemies of mankind, the NATO-sponsored terrorists of Al-Qaeda FSA Nusra Front and its affiliates, the Syrian Arab Army declares the entirety of Hama northern countryside and its villages are clean from terror. The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces issued a statement confirming the eradicating […]

Turkey Terrorists Cheer Astana Ceasefire by Bombing Syrians

Idlib terrorists loyal to Turkey regime forces occupying parts of Syria cheered the latest, [unilateral] ceasefire during the intra-Astana meetings. The savages bombed Bashlama town in Lattakia governate with 5 rockets. One Syrian civilian was killed and 3 were injured. Massacres of Syrians during Astana meetings have been ongoing since their inception. Today’s atrocities closely follow on […]

NATO Moderates on Killing Spree in Syria: Martyrs in Damascus & Aleppo

NATO moderates are on a voracious killing spree in Syria, today. The benevolent demons fighting to be under NATO occupation have martyred 12 civilians in Damascus, Aleppo, and Hama. Their kinder, gentler mortars, missiles, IEDs, GRADS have injured others and caused material damage, including to the Tishreen University in Latakia. Buoyed by the ongoing support […]