Turkey Must Commit to Withdraw from Syria Before Erdogan meets Assad

‘What is the value of a meeting with Turkish Erdogan if it will not achieve final results regarding the war in Syria, Turkey must be ready, clearly and without any ambiguity, to completely withdraw from Syrian territory, stop supporting terrorism and restore the situation to what it was before the start of the war in Syria,’ Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview after concluding his official visit to Russia.

The Syrian position is firm, it’s based on international law, the UN Charter, and the agreements signed between Syria and NATO member Turkey, some of these agreements are guaranteed by Russia and Iran, both of who failed over the past 3.5 years to force the Turkish party to implement their side of the agreements they guaranteed.

Why pressure Syria to help the Turkish madman Erdogan win the coming presidential elections in Turkey in May when all his policies were hostile toward Syria and he personally led tens of thousands of terrorists of Al Qaeda and ISIS invading Syrian territories, his country played as a hub for those terrorists and the Turkish army occupies Syrian land within the US-led war of terrorism and attrition against the Syrian people?

The Russian leadership has been actively pressuring the Syrian president to arrange a photo-op meeting with the embattled Turkish madman Erdogan which the latter can sell to his people that he’s the strongman in the region who agreed with the Syrian president on the final solution in Syria including returning the Syrian refugees from Turkey, without actually doing anything in this regard, furthermore, he continues his hostile policies against Syria.

The relations with Turkey issue was one of the main topics discussed during President Assad’s meeting with President Putin, the Russian president wants from Syria what he does not accept from Ukraine!

The interview -above- conducted by the Russian Sputnik news agency revealed that 40 infrastructure investment projects in Syria were offered to Russian companies.

More in this report with the full transcript of the interview: Assad: No Meeting with Erdogan without Turkish Withdrawal from Syria.

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