Helicopter Crash Kills Top 9 Kurdish SDF Terrorists in Northern Iraq

At least 9 top commanders in the Syrian branch of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists were killed in two helicopter crashes in northern Iraq yesterday.

The killed terrorists include the son of the military commander of the Kurdish SDF terrorists in Syria who heads the so-called ‘anti-terrorist’ unit in the terrorist organization, an American Orwellian way to brand a unit in a terrorist group.

The Kurdish SDF admitted the death of its commanders and claimed they were on a mission to exchange information with some party in the Kurdish-controlled region in northern Iraq, the information will enhance their performance in Syria, they added.

Syria accuses the US-sponsored terrorist outfit of aiding ISIS in Syria, helping their US sponsors steal Syrian oil and wheat, oppress and uproot the Syrian population in northern Syria in their quest to Israelize the region, that is to replace the people of the regions under their occupation with imported non-related settlers of their ilk.

The situation surrounding the alleged crashes, the timing and the site of the helicopter crashes, the Kurdish SDF claim was because of bad weather, for both helicopters, adds more holes to the bad weather theory, the helicopters crashed near an oil company and not far from illegal NATO Turkish army bases, the Turks are active in committing their crimes in northern Iraq and would be delighted to see this much terrorists eliminated.

More in this report: Helicopter Crash Kills Top Kurdish SDF Terrorists in Northern Iraq.

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