Assad – Putin Summit in Moscow: Emphasizing on Principles

Syrian President Bashar al Assad paid a three-day official visit to Moscow, Russia accompanied by a large ministerial delegation and held a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in addition to a series of meetings between the official in the Syrian delegation and their Russian counterparts.

The two-part summit discussed bilateral relations and most importantly, the realigning of the world’s power balance.

Russian president wanted a further concession from the Syrian president to help the Turkish madman Erdogan win the upcoming presidential election in May, President Assad does not see any seriousness from the Turkish madman to help him.

Over the past 3 years and 4 months, the Turkish madman Erdogan has failed to implement the Idlib agreement; a quadruple agreement that halted the Syrian armed forces’ advances on al Qaeda’s last stronghold in Syria in Idlib in exchange for the Turkish pariah to dismantle the terrorist groups sponsored by his NATO member state, Turkey. The Idlib agreement was signed by Syria, Turkey, Russia, and Iran, the last two would serve as guarantors.

Not only did the Turkish madman Erdogan deliberately fail to implement the Idlib agreement, he instead beefed up the terrorists of al Qaeda and increased the illegal Turkish military presence in northern Syria.

NATO member state Turkey has committed several war crimes against the Syrian population, such war crimes include cutting off the flow of the Euphrates into Syria, bombing Syrian critical civilian infrastructure, and forcing hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrian to live in miserable conditions in concentration camps against their will in order to sell them as refugees and receive hundreds of millions of Euros and Dollars abusing their suffering.

There were also military discussions and agreements, both sides would not reveal the sort of agreements reached in this aspect.

More in this report: President Bashar al Assad Meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

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