Tensions over the Turkish Police Killing and Torture of Syrians

Seven Syrian young men were captured by the Turkish Jandarma while trying to cross into Turkey, they were brutally tortured, two of them died, and the five others barely survived, the victims were dumped at the border crossing to be picked by Al Qaeda terrorists manning the infamous Bab Al Hawa crossing.

This clash on air between a Turkish guest arguing for the ‘sovereignty’ of Turkey against Syrians trying to cross the borders into Turkey, and the TV anchor who thought that Turkey was ‘as advertised’ a humanitarian state:

Imagine, Turkey which invades and occupies large areas of northern Syria is concerned about its sovereignty from the same people it occupies their territories and uses in its adventurous wars across the world!

The anchor and his TV station manager were later picked by the same Jandarma despite their extreme loyalty to the Turkish madman Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood AKP party.

The story immediately sparked tensions among the Syrians in the regions occupied by the Turkish forces, the Turkish army and Al Qaeda, in Idlib and northern Aleppo, and between the Syrian refugees in Turkey and their Turkish captors.

Turkey keeps the non-rich refugees in concentration camps in Turkey itself and in the areas occupied by its proxy in Syria, the rich ones are sold properties in Turkey or sold smuggling routes to Europe.

The Jandarma is a paramilitary police-like force of fanatics loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan used to silence his opponents.

More in this report: Turkish Jandarma Killing and Torturing Syrians Spark Tensions.

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