Israel Bombs Aleppo Airport to Prevent Earthquake Relief Aid from Arriving!

In the very early hours of the dawn, the anti-Jewish Zionist entity dubbed Israel carried out a missile attack against Aleppo International Airport, Syria’s second-largest civilian airport, taking it out of service.

The US protectorate fired a barrage of missiles from the Mediterranean toward the airport destroying its main runway and halting the inbound and outbound flights delivering humanitarian aid for the earthquake-struck region and moving logistics needed in the ongoing relief operations.

This is not the first war crime committed by the last apartheid regime in the world against civilian infrastructure in Syria, mainly a Syrian port, Israel has thus far targeted Syria’s main airports and seaports in brazen crimes against humanity, it’s obvious support for the efforts of the terrorist groups waging a war of terror and war of attrition on the Syrian people on behalf of the ‘collective west’ and its western values.

Israel wouldn’t be able to commit its repetitive war crimes without the full protection, cover, and support from its sponsors, which are every permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, sadly, including Russia and China, the latter seems to have agreed to disagree on Israel’s war crimes without taking any step to support international law.

Today’s war crime won’t go without a proper response, usually, the Syrian Resistance groups bomb the cannon fodder US troops illegally deployed in Syria to steal the Syrian oil every time Israel bombs a site in Syria, after all, the US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said ‘the price is worth it’.

More in this report: Breaking: Israel Bombs Aleppo Airport Taking it out of Service.

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