NATO Terrorists are Using Earthquake Relief Aid for Cheap Propaganda

Al Qaeda controls large parts of the Syrian Idlib and Aleppo provinces and considerable parts of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa provinces, the first two provinces were highly affected by the devastating earthquake on the 6th of February and the occupiers with their NATO backers proved further their indifference to the suffering of the people under their control, yet once again.

In a video aired by one of the main TV news channels used by Al Qaeda to promote their cause, two children in miserable condition appeared on the camera thanking the occupiers for the aid they received, the TV crew forgot the camera rolling and the mic on one of the children and a very interesting conversation between the two boys was heard loud and clear, in just a couple of words, the whole narrative of the terrorists and their sponsors is exposed:

“They give us little medicine and want us to (thank them with) 2000 words,” and “I’m feeling giddy..” just imagine it’s your son left in such a condition or your little brother; if you’re incapable of such a feeling towards these children, do not categorize yourself as a human being.

The terrorists control the trade between the areas they occupy and NATO member state Turkey, they also control the incoming humanitarian aid from long before this disaster, NATO permanent members at the United Nations Security Council keep pushing their limits to keep the lifeline supply routes coming to these terrorists from their NATO partner Turkey secured officially and under the protection of the United Nations.

If you don’t want to believe us that Al Qaeda controls the aforementioned areas in northern Syria, take the words of US officials, the former US so-called special envoy to Syria called Idlib province the last stronghold of Al Qaeda in Syria, look it up.

With the help of NATO member state Turkey and the Turkish army which keeps a large presence in northern Syria illegally, Al Qaeda could literally control the lives of over 2 million people, use them as human shields and even spare parts, especially the children who are the most vulnerable and now their suffering increased with the latest earthquake.

More in this report: Al Qaeda Propagandists abuse Earthquake-struck Aleppo Children.

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