Egypt Ships more Earthquake Relief Ship to Syria

Egypt has decided to continue its support for the Syrians after the devastating earthquake earlier this month left tens of thousands of people killed across the Syrian – Turkish borders, and hundreds of thousands homeless.

A second ship carrying humanitarian aid sailed to the Syrian port of Latakia from the Egyptian El-Arish port, this follows the previous Egyptian ship that delivered a total of 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Syria a couple of days ago.

Sending humanitarian aid to countries struck by natural disasters is the norm in the international arena except when it comes to Syria which is deprived of any businesses or even humanitarian interactions with other countries due to those countries’ fear of the US and European Union sanctions created to prevent such interactions with Syria.

Egypt, however, had to wait over two weeks after the earthquake to deliver its first ship to Syria awaiting the approval of the USA to exempt this particular cargo from its inhumane embargo on the Syrian people.

The USA is the same country that occupies large parts of Syria which happens to be the parts where the main Syrian oil, gas, and wheat fields are. The USA sponsors dozens of terrorist groups wreaking havoc in Syria killing tens of thousands of innocent people, maiming tens of thousands more, and inflicting enormous suffering on the Syrian people in order to achieve a regime change in the country.

More about all these issues in this report: Egypt Sends a Second Earthquake Relief Aid Ship to Syria.

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