Brave Local Syrians Protect their Town from US-backed Kurdish SDF Terrorists

The locals in the Syrian town of Al-Sabha managed to repel a heavy attack waged against their town by the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists who were backed by US oil thieves’ helicopters.

Al-Sabha is a town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province, in northern Syria, it’s not far from the country’s largest Conoco gas field, the country’s largest Al Omar oil field, and is within Syria’s main food basket region where most of the wheat, the main stable in the diet in the Levant.

The town had expelled a post for the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists earlier this month, February 2023, and since then managed to keep the terrorists outside their town getting fed up with the terrorist crimes by the Kurdish separatists against their people and their town.

Kurdish SDF separatists commanders came from the Iraqi northern Qandil mountains with the US army under the guise of combating ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) and managed to occupy large areas of northern Syria which ISIS was occupying in what many observers say was more like flag-changing ceremonies between the two US proxies, SDF and ISIS.

Today’s clashes were described as the heaviest in which the terrorists used machine guns and brought in help from their US army helicopters.

By the time of this report, there are no clear reports of casualties from the clashes, the Kurdish SDF separatist herds seemed to have retreated from the area for the time being.

More in this report: Syrian Town Expels by Force US-proxy Kurdish SDF Terrorists.

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