ISIS is Back: US Proxy Terrorists Massacre 53 Syrian Farmers

The Syrians are still looking for their loved ones missing since the 6th of February’s devastating earthquake to get horrified yesterday by a new massacre committed by one of the US’s most effective proxy terrorist groups, 53 farmers were slaughtered in the central Syrian desert, there was no place at the hospital for their bodies.

53 bodies of innocent civilians arrived at the Tadmor (Palmyra) Hospital, they all were shot in their heads at point-blank, and 5 barely survivors with shrapnel wounds all over their bodies were also rushed to the hospital in the central Syrian open desert, this is the first ISIS massacre after the earthquake.

Local farmers were collecting truffles near the city of Al-Sukhna when they were attacked by the ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists, the survivors added that the terrorists also burned the victims’ cars before fleeing the scene.

Only fools would still believe the claims of the criminal Biden’s junta of the USA that they are combating terrorism anywhere in the world, especially in Syria, terrorism only appears where the US military intervenes, and only thrives near US military bases and only targets the same people the US’s Pentagon targets.

Before the US invasion of Iraq, there was no terrorism in the Levant or in Iraq, and under the US occupation of Iraq, both Al Qaeda and its offshoot ISIS emerged. Under the very watchful eyes of the US army and its criminal CIA agency the ISIS terrorists drove their machinegun-mounted Toyota pickups across the desert connecting Iraq and Syria.

It was the US Army that bombed the Syrian Army in al Thardeh Mountain not far from yesterday’s massacre site killing over 80 Syrian servicemen who were protecting the city of Deir Ezzor from ISIS and allowing these subhumans to briefly take over the strategic base protecting 120,000 citizens in Deir Ezzor. If it wasn’t for the swift Syrian Army’s reinforcements, the city would have fallen to ISIS and tens of thousands would have been butchered there.

It’s the same US military that provides a protected 55 kilometers area in Al Tanf in southeastern Syria to train, arm, and protect the remnants of ISIS who fled the city of Daraa when the Syrian armed forces liberated it in 2021, and since then those ISIS remnants carried out hundreds of terrorist attacks against the Syrian people and their public establishments.

Yesterday’s massacre proves only one thing: it’s overdue time for the Syrian armed forces and their allies to confront the illegal US military occupying parts of Syria, the same region that has Syria’s main oil and gas fields, and the part that is described as the food basket of the Levant.

More in this report: Breaking News: US’s ISIS Massacre 53 Syrians in Eastern Homs.

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