With Allies Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Remember when Western mainstream media, western officials, and many propagandists were accusing Russia of blowing up its gas pipelines exporting cheap and stable gas to Germany? It’s like the lies they kept parroting for 12 years that the Syrian army men are killing their families and the US forces including Al Qaeda, ISIS, Kurdish separatist terrorists, and other head-choppers are in Syria to protect those families.

We became immune from western propaganda from the days of the invasion of Iraq based on the WMDs claimed to be readied to destroy the region and threaten Europe by Iraq back in 2003, the weapons that were never found.

We became further immune from western propaganda when they started reporting on our country, Syria, every single word was a lie, and not any lies, extremely obvious lies that only fools would believe, yet, here we are, 12 years of ongoing lies and millions of people, mainly westerners continue to believe those lies just like how they swallowed that Russia bombed its own infrastructure under the sea.

The rest of the world immediately knew that the USA was behind the blowing up of the two Nordstream pipelines transporting gas from Russia to Germany, the US top officials said they will stop those pipelines, including Biden himself, they immediately expressed their happiness it was bombed, we knew the USA had accomplices with it in this heinous terrorist attack, we didn’t know those were multiple countries involved and supposedly, Germany’s closest allies.

The USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, and even Denmark participated in blowing up the gas pipelines as exposed by the celebrated investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, with the USA and Norway playing the main role, and the others were supporting actors.

NATO and the European Union became more united, they told us, yeah, obviously.

I personally still want to see the German reaction.

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