Al Qaeda Lifeline Supplies through NATO Turkey Extended by UNSC, Again!

Al Qaeda terrorists in their stronghold de facto capital, Idlib can breathe easily for an additional six months, once again, after the United Nations Security Council extended their lifeline supply routes bypassing the Syrian state through their sponsors in the NATO member state Turkey, Russia and China did not object.

Analysts are bewildered about what kind of concessions did Russian President Putin extract from the Turkish madman Erdogan to allow the extension of the suffering of up to 4 million Syrians living under the mercy of the world’s worse terrorist group and its mafia partners in the West!

The Russian repeated freezing of the Syrian crisis is only benefitting the enemies of the Syrian people by the enemies of humanity, aka the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance and its proxy terrorist groups and their warlords.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2642 allows the extension of supplies to Al Qaeda warlords in Idlib directly from Turkey bypassing the Syrian state, they call it humanitarian aid, really? Whatever real humanitarian aid delivered is hoarded by Al Qaeda warlords and sold to the people living under their occupation for high prices in exchange for drafting the young men of Idlib into their ranks, I rather not mention other types of ‘things’ people would give away to their oppressors in exchange for food, keep in mind we’re talking about Al Qaeda oppressors in this case.

NATO-controlled United Nations Security Council lists Al Qaeda in Syria with its different name variations as a terrorist group, but this doesn’t stop NATO-controlled UNSC from recognizing Al Qaeda in Idlib as its ‘partner’ in the deliveries of the so-called humanitarian aid through border crossings manned by Al Qaeda!

The suffering of up to 4 million people in Idlib, the number claimed by western representatives and UN officials, could have been eased if Russia vetoed the extension of this UNSC resolution it kept criticizing for the past couple of years for breaching Syria’s sovereignty and only helping the terrorists.

More in this report: UN Security Council Extends Al Qaeda Lifeline in Idlib, Again.

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