Ministers of Defense of Syria and Turkey Meet for the First Time in a Decade

There’s little that came out from the meeting in Moscow that joined the Syrian Minister of Defense Ali M. Abbas to the minister of war of NATO member state Turkey with Russian mediation and in attendance of the Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu on Wednesday 28 December.

The meeting is the highest level meeting between the two countries ever since the regime of the Turkish madman joined a host of countries, terrorist groups, and mercenaries to destroy the Syrian state, genocide the Syrian people, and plunder the Syrian wealth under the guise of the so-called Arab Spring.

Without the essential role played by Turkey ever since the first day of the US-led war of terror against Syria, there wouldn’t have been a Syrian crisis, now the Turks have come to the end of their game and especially the embattled Turkish madman Erdogan and his anti-Islamic ruling AKP party who lost their proxies in almost all the other countries they managed to infest in and they lost their plot miserably in Syria.

Despite NATO’s second-largest army, the Turkish army occupying large parts of northern Syria with the help of tens of thousands of al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, and with the presence of NATO’s largest army, the US Army and their own proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, the plot to conquer Syria not only failed, but it backfired, and very strongly so.

The Syrian Arab Army SAA and its allies were advancing swiftly against the terrorists’ strongholds in northern Syria, mainly in Idlib province and especially after clearing much of Aleppo and its countryside when Russian President Putin gave the Turkish madman Erdogan his life-saving rope and pressured the Syrian leadership into a ceasefire freezing the SAA’s advances in exchange of a promise by NATO leader, Erdogan, to cease supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups in northern Syria.

The series of agreements to solve the Syrian crisis in the north, known as the Astana Agreement and Idlib Agreement, also stipulated the withdrawal of the Turkish army to the international borders, securing the M4 international highway, and allowing the return of the Syrian refugees from Turkey to their towns and villages in Syria.

Needless to say, just as the Russian President Putin was backstabbed by the German former chancellor Merkel and the French president, whoever was then and until now, in regard to the Minsk agreements for Ukraine, the Turkish madman Erdogan not only failed to implement the Idlib agreement which Russia and Iran were the guarantors, he beefed up the terrorist groups in northern Syria and boosted the Turkish army’s presence committing further war crimes against Syria.

Syria continued to bleed while the Turkish madman Erdogan was expanding his backstabbing of Russia in Central Asia and in Ukraine as well, while at the same time the Turkish economy was slipping into the abyss. Now is the hour of truth, the pressure Erdogan faces is existential in the upcoming elections with scores of corruption cases he and his entourage are accused of and he goes back to his friend Putin asking for help, again, on the account of Syria.

Syrian position was and continues to be clear, no summit between the Syrian and Russian Presidents that would include the Turkish madman Erdogan in it before a clear obligation and roadmap for the withdrawal of the Turkish forces, the Turkish army and its al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists from northern Syria, and the complete stop of Turkish meddling in Syria’s internal affairs.

Erdogan is using the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists as a common ground to discuss with the Syrian leadership, Syria, on its part, unofficially considers the Kurdish SDF as terrorist groups but considers Turkey’s Al Qaeda and ISIS as such, unlike Turkey which considers only the Kurdish forces as terrorist groups and sponsors Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Will Putin manage to convince President Assad to save Erdogan in the coming election in Turkey and what are the guarantees this time that the Turkish madman and NATO leader Erdogan give that will he will implement? We need to wait and see.

More in this report: Syrian, Russian, and Turkish Ministers of Defense Meet in Moscow.

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