US Army Convoy Bumps into a Syrian Army Checkpoint, Forced to Retreat

A US Army convoy of armored vehicles guarding tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil tried to take a shortcut into the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli but had to go through a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoint on Syrian land, the small unit manning the checkpoint forced the US Army column to retreat.

Going to Qamishli city where the US Army get more protection from their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists will have to go in a longer rougher route, they chose to try their luck, again, through the village of Tal Dhahab where the SAA has a checkpoint at its entrance to guard it against ISIS terrorists.

The unit of a few soldiers armed with personal light weapons stood up to the invaders and forced them to retreat, the oil thieves seem are not ready to risk their lives to protect the oil they stole for Biden and his terrorists and did the wise thing avoiding the confrontation.

They could do a wiser decision by simply withdrawing from Syria where they are operating illegally and only carrying out sinister acts against the Syrian people, seems that they will need a hard lesson to do so.

In another town in the countryside of neighboring Deir Ezzor province, the locals were protesting against the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

More in this report: Syrian Army and Locals Confront US Army and Kurdish Terrorists.

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