Turkish Erdogan Continues to Israelize Northern Syria

In his quest to Israelize northern regions in Syria, the Turkish madman Erdogan continues his war crimes against the Syrian people in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah to effect his ethnic cleansing policy, replacing the Syrians with the families of anti-Islamic radicals who follow his twisted version of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Turkish army, NATO’s second-largest army, along with its plethora of groups of al Qaeda and its affiliates shelled with artillery several Syrian villages alongside the vital M4 highway causing a wave of panic among the Syrians who have not yet fled their homes and inflicting serious material damage to their properties and public facilities.

Shelling villages and the homes of civilians is a war crime, NATO member countries do not feel obliged to commit to international law in this regard, on the contrary, they feel obliged to violate international law to achieve their goals.

The hypocrite and flip-flop Turkish madman Erdogan has publicly stated his policies in first playing a leading role in the Greater Israel project assigned to him by then George W. Bush, and now to settling 1 million people in the regions his army and his terrorists occupy in northern Syria, those are the families of the terrorists working for him who were brought from all sides of the world.

Western mainstream media helps the Turkish madman Erdogan in marketing his war crimes by claiming he’s returning the Syrian refugees in Turkey to their country, Syria, note that Syrians do not look like Uzbek or western China’s Uighurs.

I came up with the term Israelize to describe the policies of the Turkish madman Erdogan against the Syrian people for the resemblance it has to how the British created Israel in Palestine, the same tactics, the same allies, and the same victims, the people of the Levant, the real Semite people, not the imported European settlers in Palestine.

More in this report: NATO Turkish Army Bombs Several Syrian Villages in Hasakah.

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