Syrian Army Eliminates al Qaeda Group in Northern Latakia

A group of NATO-sponsored moderate terrorists of Al Qaeda was trying to infiltrate advanced posts of the Syrian Arab Army SAA in the northern countryside of Latakia when it fell in a tight ambush by the defending SAA unit.

In the early hours of dawn yesterday, Thursday 08 December, the Syrian army operating in northern Latakia countryside spotted a group of Al Qaeda terrorists sneaking into the area separating the Turkish army-occupied area and the SAA-liberated area, a swift ambush was devised and the group was eliminated.

One of the Al Qaeda members was arrested, two were wounded, we don’t know their fate, and two were killed in the ambush.

NATO member state Turkey sponsors tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in northern Syria, the terrorists were brought into Syria from all its borders by NATO and its allies over the past decade to effect a regime change in the country in order to plunder its wealth, use its territories to extend a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe bypassing both Russia and Iran.

Despite the heavy losses of the terrorists and the failure of the NATO plan with a massive price paid for by the Syrian people, the evil forces of the ‘defensive’ NATO alliance continue with their plots thriving on the spilled blood and suffering of the people of the Levant and beyond.

More in this report: Syrian Army Ambushes Al Qaeda Group in Latakia Countryside.

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