US Theft of Syrian Oil Causes Major Shortage in the Country

The Syrian people are going through some of the most difficult times, they faced the worst scum of the planet of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, and now they are punished by the humanitarian bastards stealing their oil and imposing a blockade on their country preventing them from buying oil from international markets.

Despite having the world’s largest exporters of oil as their presumed allies and brethren, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Libya.. they all fail to help the Syrian people face the shortages caused by the US and European Union camp of evil countries, some of them out of fear from the US sanctions and the others are playing their part in destroying the cradle of civilization.

In an attempt to manage the available oil and oil derivatives in the country, the Syrian government has extended the weekend to an additional day for 2 weeks for public entities across the country.

The US army stole more than 100 billion dollars worth of Syrian oil in the past couple of years, the least estimates suggest.

More in this report: Syrian Government Enforces Public Holidays to Ration Oil.

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