Syrian Rep at UNSC Defaces NATO Members for their War Crimes in Syria

The United Nations Security Council is holding a meeting almost every week and sometimes more for the past 11 plus years just to obtain any resolution the NATO members there will interpret as a justification for them to invade Syria, just like what they did with other countries before like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…

Their frustration started when they were faced with double vetos from Russia and China, for the first time double vetos, and for the first time China uses its veto for a non-Chinese issue. The writings are on the wall and the whole world sees them except the fools who believe the western narratives until this very day.

In the latest useless meeting, as the Syrian representative described it, he defaced the NATO criminal hypocrite, fake humanitarians, in his statement in which he sums up the main issues Syria is facing and the solutions for the suffering of the Syrian people caused by the same fake humanitarians.

The full transcript of the statement and more details can be found here: Syrian Deputy Ambassador at UNSC Exposes NATO War Crimes.

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