US Amy Stealing Syrian Oil Bombed, Again!

US Army operating illegally in Syria was shelled with 3 rockets, the US CENTCOM claimed only 2 rockets struck their base in southern Hasakah province despite the 3 explosions coming out of that base, they also claimed none of their soldiers were injured, as usual when rockets blow up in US Army soldiers their enemies get injured not them!

A statement by the so-called Central Command of the US Army ‘US CENTCOM’ contradicts logic but does admit that their army was targeted with 2 rockets. They claim a 3rd rocket was found and was not fired, so 2 rockets caused 3 explosions in the school which was turned into a military base for the thieves of Syrian oil within a populace center in Ash Shaddadi city in the southern Hasakah province in the northeast of Syria.

Local sources reporting from the Syrian city under the occupation of the US Army and its sponsored terrorist groups gave a different narrative including the hearing of the sound of 3 explosions, panic and alert among the US troops and their Kurdish SDF bodyguards, and intense flights of drones and helicopter in the region.

You can choose the narrative that suits your brain capacity, however, there’s no brain capacity that can credit logic to the existence of the US Army spreading western values to Syrian oil fields, other than what it seems to affirm the pronouns of those oil wells, the trend in the USA.

The bombing of the US army stealing Syrian oil comes after Israel bombed Syria which gives an impression that the Syrian Resistance is behind the bombing, no confirmation on their side except their previous promise to bomb the US army in Syria every time Israel bombs Syria.

Operating with no United Nations Security Council mandate and against the will of the government of the country they are running their operations, the US Army’s only goal seems to continue looting the Syrian oil and wheat, propping up their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, and prolonging the presence and danger of ISIS on the Syrian people and the entire region if not the whole world.

More in this report: Illegal US Army Base Stealing Syria Oil in Syria Bombed, Again.

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