NATO Turkey Bombs Syrian Army Posts in Northern Syria Killing 11 Soldiers

Despite signing an agreement of de-escalation with Syria and dismantling Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups NATO member state Turkey commands in northern Syria under the guarantees of Iran and Russia, emphasizing the agreement, and re-emphasizing the same agreement successively, the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan not only failed to implement the agreement, but it also escalated its war crimes against the Syrian state, the Syrian people, and lately directly targeting posts of the Syrian army.

Eleven Syrian soldiers were killed in Turkish shelling of their posts in northern Aleppo countryside and in northern Hasakah countryside, unprovoked and under the guise of bombing the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

The bombing of northern Syria by NATO’s second-largest army, the Turkish army which included the bombing of Syrian army posts was claimed by the Turkish regime to be a retaliation for the explosion in Istanbul last week which the Turkish regime claims was carried out by the Kurdish separatists operating in northern Syria providing vague and unconvincing evidence to support their narrative.

The Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and their US sponsors denied their involvement in the terrorist attack which seems highly likely to be the work of the Turkish ‘intelligence’ under so-called Hakkan Fidan, a close ally of Erdogan who was heard in a leaked audio recording before plotting for a false flag attack on the Turkish army to justify similar Turkish military operation in northern Syria.

Russia and Iran, the guarantors of the Astana agreements for de-escalation, both warned the regime of the madman, Erdogan, against carrying out such a military operation that would only lead to more chaos and terrorism in the region, only to fall on deaf ears.

More in this report: Following Israel, Turkey Bombs Northern Syria Killing 11 Soldiers.

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