Syrian and Russian Armies Kill and Wound 228 Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

NATO suffered a severe blow to its forces in Syria when the Syrian and Russian armies carried out a coordinated bombing against a training camp and quarters of al Qaeda in Idlib, in the northwest of Syria, killing 93 terrorists and wounding 135 others, the targets were protected and sponsored by NATO’s second-largest army, the Turkish army.

This aerial and ground shelling of the targeted al Qaeda camp a few kilometers to the northwest of Idlib city came after the NATO-sponsored terrorist organization carried out a massive drone attack against Syrian army posts killing 5 Syrian soldiers and attempting to bomb the Russian base in Hmeimim, the Russian army says they destroyed all the incoming drones flown by these terrorists.

A training field, a drones storage facility, command centers, and caves for shelter were taken out by the pinpointed aerial bombing and surface-to-surface shelling by the Russian and Syrian armies respectively not far from the borders with Turkey and next to the Turkish army’s illegal military posts in Idlib were destroyed entirely.

Hovering drones above the sites were observing, tracing, and filming the incident as appears in the above footage released by the Syrian army.

Both Russian and Syrian military spokespersons named a compiled number of top al Qaeda commanders and trainers who were killed in this attack.

Meanwhile, al Qaeda propagandists and their NATO sponsors tried to picture this operation as an attack against civilians killing women and children only, as usual, and injuring dozens of ‘others’ without specifying what kind of others, they even tried to take the issue to the United Nations Security Council on the base of these lies!

Further details in this report: Syrian and Russian Armies Eliminate 93 al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib.

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2 Replies to “Syrian and Russian Armies Kill and Wound 228 Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib”

  1. Nice. Keep up the good work. Eventually it will dawn on NATO’s puppets they have been duped and sent to their graves for a pack of lies, with their paymasters living a life of luxury.

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