Syria Breaking Western Blockade and Terror Installs New Gas Turbine

While supposed to be advanced countries like Germany and Canada failed to repair and install a gas turbine to keep the Russian gas flow to Europe due to their own sanctions, Syria has managed to break the US and European blockade and installed a vital gas turbine in one of the gas fields previously destroyed by US-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ aka Al Qaeda.

The Southern Central Region Gas Plant will see its output increase by half a million cubic meters per day thanks to the new turbine installed, this will increase the supply to the country’s electric thermal power plants and for domestic house use.

Not only the USA and its European lackeys sponsored terrorists who destroyed these major infrastructure facilities in Syria and impose draconian blockades and sanctions on the Syrian people, the humanitarian bastards of the US army with the help of other terrorists occupies Syria’s important oil and gas field, steals on daily bases dozens of oil tankers out of the country, and smuggle them to finance its black ops against the people of the region.

For the full transcript of President Assad’s speech and more details: Syria Rebuilding: Assad Inaugurates Relaunch of Gas Turbines.

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