Women’s Role in Society – President Assad Addressing Islamic Lady Preachers

Syrian President Bashar Assad spoke about the critical role of women in society and how women’s role complements that of men’s, how each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and of course the importance of the family.

Assad addressing the lady preachers who swarmed him after the celebrations commemorating the birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH at the Grand Omayyad Mosque in Damascus emphasized the work done by women and the need to project that to the world through the media properly.

Islam gave women the full rights they were deprived of and more rights when it came to the financial independence of women which is overshadowed by the enemies of humanity through the projection of their own degeneracy and the treatment of women as commodities in their own societies.

Do not judge a religion followed by nearly 2 billion human beings by the acts of a few thousand wrongdoers across the planet and throughout history, if you’re smart and seeking the truth you need to judge it by the teachings it delivers and why it continues to be the fastest growing religion despite all the push back from the collective enemies of humanity?

More including the transcript of President Assad’s rather short speech in this article: President Assad Swarmed by Lady Preachers at Omayyad Mosque.

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One Reply to “Women’s Role in Society – President Assad Addressing Islamic Lady Preachers”

  1. Great opportunity, great initiative! A winner on all counts! I’d like to hope that First Lady Asma was at President Al-Assad’s side and circulating among the throng!

    Viva Syria!

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