50 More Tankers Carrying Stolen Syrian Oil Smuggled by the US Army

The US army illegally deployed and operating in Syria continues their theft of Syrian oil on daily basis, the latest shipment spotted by locals was a convoy of 50 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil heading to neighboring Iraq.

The 50 tankers convoy carried oil from the Rmeilan oil fields in the northeastern countryside of Hasakah province in the northeast of Syria and crossed into Iraq through an illegal border at the Mahmoudiyah village, the locals reported.

This is a daily basis task for the US army in addition to training, arming, funding, and protecting terrorist groups in Syria, the likes of ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Kurdish SDF separatists, and their offshoots.

Syrians, meanwhile, suffer massive shortages in electricity, fuel for their vehicles, fuel for their factories and farmlands, and for heating.

US and EU total blockade over Syria using their control of the banking system and their sanctions on third-party companies prevents Syria from acquiring the needed fuel from other producers to compensate for the quantities stolen by the Biden junta.

More in this report: Biden Forces Steal an Additional 50 Tankers Shipment of Syrian Oil.

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3 Replies to “50 More Tankers Carrying Stolen Syrian Oil Smuggled by the US Army”

  1. Despicable, Dastardly, Kleptomaniacal, Brazen-Belligerent Business-as-usual here, there, everywhere. I can just mind-picture those brand-sparkling-new tankers as having been bought by a US military “logistics” contractor, paid for by US sheople tax dollars (mine!!) along with their drivers, all for the purpose of US mega-corporate and, of course, Zionist interests and schemes and profits in the area. Well-placed surface-to-surface missiles, one tanker by one tanker, are called for, until the hegemonic forces get the explosive message that they are illegal, unwanted, and better to be gone from sovereign Syria….

    Viva Syria!

  2. Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay and commented:
    To the people of Syria:

    We do not support our foul rotten government’s actions in pillaging your valuable resources. We lack access to any political solutions to stop the corruption, to the immoral actions, the illegal war our government has conducted on your nation and your people.

    When we speak out against it, we are castigated as crazy conspiracy theorists, as Fascists (personally I embrace that label), as unpatriotic, as threats to sacred democracy.

    The conspiracy is vast. Examining the theories help to arrive at accurate conclusions as to why this war has raged on. We know that this destabilization of Syria was initiated to propel the following causes:

    – Build natural gas pipelines of NATO/ZOG/West aligned middle eastern nations to challenge and rival Russia’s natural gas exports to the EU.

    -Continue to perform military operations against middle eastern nations which must be weakened in order for the Yinon Plan to become a reality.

    -Keep the holy Military Industrial Complex as ever as relevant, viable and valuable through propping up the tropes that Assad is an “evil dictator” and “regime change” is necessary.

    These tropes are cheered for mainly by our coastal, metropolitan, liberal elites and trickle down as a national pastime to both Democrats and Republicans that still believe in the illusion of voting, elections, democracy, honest brokers as state leaders and fair play.

    It is not appropriate for me to speak for anyone except myself:

    If I had a way to end this brutality, I wish I could.

    Ordinary, decent, family oriented people of America have much in common with your people of the same salt of the Earth.

    We have the same enemies.

    1. Eric, I don’t seem to have the ability at this site, via a “Like” button/tab, to “Like” your excellent comment, but “Like” it I do! I am with you — and the sovereign government, citizenry, and land of Syria — 100 percent.

      Viva Syria!

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