Turkish Erdogan Playing Russia in the Aegean Sea for Israel and the USA

The Turkish madman Erdogan is playing with fire in a new area, after setting fires and helping in setting fires across the whole region and way beyond, the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood leader is now creating troubles for Russia in the Aegean Sea, and on his way, he’s harming Greece and Cyprus.

A couple of days ago, the Turkish pariah threatened to invade Greece, one member of the “defensive” NATO alliance threatened another member of the “defensive” NATO alliance, nothing to see here.

The incident this time was over a Turkish commercial vessel ignoring warnings from Greek Coast Guards and strolling through Greek territorial waters, the Greeks fired a warning shot, and the Turkish commercial vessel somehow managed to call in military interference from the side of Turkey and an international crisis started.

That’s how wars happen, we strongly believe this was a deliberate act by the Turkish pariah through the commercial vessel, after all, Erdogan’s close buddy the head of the Turkish ‘intelligence’ is fond of false flags, ask us Syrians about that.

The panicking Greeks called on NATO and mama USA to come and protect them from bullying Turkey, the “inclusive” junta of Joseph Biden, the Zionist to the core who doesn’t need to be a Jew to be a Zionist, saw the opportunity, planned it all along some strongly suggest, and set foot on islands in the Aegean Sea, apparently, these islands serve as an advanced post for the US Navy to encircle Russia, what a coincidence!

More in this report: Erdogan Serving Israel, the USA in the Aegean Sea against Russia.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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One Reply to “Turkish Erdogan Playing Russia in the Aegean Sea for Israel and the USA”

  1. A perceptive and realistic analysis; appreciated! Ergogan is, to put it mildly, a puzzle to this faraway observer: I relate to him in a few ways (he runs hot and cold on Palestine, e.g.) but find him weird and unstable in most other realms. I very much liked Davotoglu, E’s precedessor; I think he’s still deeply involved in the government and cannot be pleased…my fondest, naive wish is that Mr. Davotoglu could marshal forces loyal to real Turkish patriotism and the events of the region and world…and ease Erdogan out of power and influence…yes, naive, surely…?

    “Madman” is probably the most correct appellation for Erdogan…! Dangerous….

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