Syria Slams Western Countries Hypocrisy and War Crimes against the Syrian People

Addressing the members of the United Nations Security Council including the representatives of the western countries spearheaded by the USA and its NATO allies, the Syrian ambassador exposed their lies, demonstrated their hypocrisies, presented them with their countries’ war crimes, and reiterated Syria’s will to clean its territories from all occupation forces and their proxy terrorist groups.

Bassam Sabbagh is continuing the difficult job of his predecessor Bashar Jaafari who endured the days facing the ugliest of the western representatives, the diplomat has to tell the liars and criminals to their faces they are lying and they are committing war crimes after he has to sit and hear them spew their fake claims of respecting international law and accusations of their foes of the crimes they commit.

Yesterday’s UNSC meeting was no different than the hundreds of previous meetings during the past 11.5 years addressing the situation in Syria, western representatives repeat their lies, the Syrian delegation and a few respectful delegations present evidence-backed facts, and all to no avail while the Syrian people continue paying the bill on behalf o humanity.

The western countries are impeding the return of the Syrian refugees while crying for their suffering and accusing the Syrian state of refusing to allow their return without any proof, the hard facts presented show that 2.4 million refugees and displaced have returned to their homes in the regions no longer under the control of the US-sponsored terrorists.

The western countries are hindering the work of the United Nations body tasked to help the Syrian state rid the liberated areas of mines and explosives.

NATO and allies support the Israeli bombing of Syria and prevent the UNSC from condemning these attacks and enforcing the end of it.

Despite promising to fund development projects in the areas controlled by Al Qaeda in Idlib in exchange to extend the UNSC resolution for lifeline supply to those terrorists, the same western countries contributed with insignificant funding.

The USA and its allies continue to support Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other affiliated terrorist groups and the separatist Kurdish SDF terrorists in Syria, and continue to steal Syrian oil, gas, and wheat, at the same time, imposing and escalating their sanctions and tightening their blockade of Syria, yet crying for the suffering of the Syrian people!

These and other points were raised by the Syrian ambassador to the UNSC yesterday explained in this report: 2.4 Million Syrian Refugees Returned to their Homes – Syria at UN.

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One Reply to “Syria Slams Western Countries Hypocrisy and War Crimes against the Syrian People”

  1. Viva Syria! As an American, I am complicit with the (Zionist-infused, psychotic) crimes against the humanity of the Syrian people and their storied land. I am complicit with the years-long efforts to derail/destroy/shatter Syria’s sovereignty, its aspirations, its rightful place in the MidEast region and the world. I am a hypocrite. I say: Go Syria! Viva Syria!

    Thank you for this report. No US MSM shills would offer to me the news it has given me.

    (Also: Viva Palestine! — my 58-year passion along the path of my life of “quiet desperation”….)

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