Entire Family Devastated: Child Killed, 5 others Wounded by Explosion in Daraa

This is what comes from the USA and its proxy ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘democracy exporters’ of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, sorry ‘moderate rebels’ who carry out terrorism as their way to achieve their goals, another family devastated, one of their children killed on the spot and the 5 others will be killed each minute of every day of the rest of their lives.

11 years old Muhammad B. Ajaj was killed, his sisters Ghufran and Sarah and brothers Ali, Ahmad, and Osama all aged between 1.5 years and 15 were wounded when an explosive device blew up in them on the road between two small villages in northern Daraa countryside in southern Syria yesterday morning.

The children were rushed first to a nearby hospital, then to the National Hospital in the city of Daraa, and one of them was further taken to Damascus as his wounds were life-threatening and needed treatment not available in Daraa and only available in a couple of hospitals across the country because the entire country is under western blockade and sanctions for the past decade.

Death and harm chased the family of Bassam Ajaj who fled with his wife and children from the US-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ of ISIS in Deir Ezzor in the north of Syria to the southern province of Daraa and found a job as a farmer on a farm of one of the locals where he also stayed with his family.

If you think the price is worth it to kill children and maim them to achieve political goals and control the resources of other people, sacrifice your own children.

Details in this report: Explosive Device Kills a Child and Injures his 5 Siblings in Daraa.

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