25 ISIS Terrorists of the Foreign Legion Levant Eliminated by the Syrian Army

A group of 25 ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists from several foreign countries have been eliminated by a Syrian Arab Army SAA unit operating in the eastern Idlib countryside, the only ones crying for these are the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the CIA and its mini the MI6, Qatar, the Saudis, and the colleagues of these terrorists.

The rest of the world is more peaceful now thanks to the special extraordinary efforts of the vigilant Syrian Arab Army soldiers protecting the liberated towns and villages in Idlib countryside, a terrorist group of suicide terrorists from the US-founded and sponsored ISIS organization has been wiped out.

Spotted trying to sneak into the outskirts of the village of Jawbas in the liberated eastern countryside of Idlib coming from the area of Alnerab which is under the Turkish army occupation, the group of 25 suicide bombers were led into a trap by the SAA unit in protecting the town, the terrorists were aiming to carry out a suicide bombing frenzy against the SAA men then invade the town.

At least 25 of the ISIS terrorists were killed or injured in the SAA special operation, the bodies of many of them were taken for examination and may be sent back to their countries, their weapons were seized, and the suicide vests they were wearing were dismantled.

Note: I’m not going to apologize for sharing such images of gore and graphic nature, if you’re a westerner and came across this post you should see this as your governments are behind these terrorists, they import them, train them, feed them, arm them and send them to our country to kill our people using your tax money and by your names since you elected those officials to your governments, and if you’re not a westerner but from a country that recognizes Israel then you also need to see this as your government is directly or indirectly involved in this terrorism against us, these terrorists fight us only for Israel not to promote democracy and freedoms in my country.

More in this report: Syrian Army Eliminates 25 Foreign ISIS Terrorists in Idlib Province.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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